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(2008), "Recent publications", Structural Survey, Vol. 26 No. 1.



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Recent publications

Article Type: Recent publications From: Structural Survey, Volume 26, Issue 1.

The Party Wall Casebook (paperback reissue)

The Party Wall Casebook by Paul Chynoweth is now available in paperback. It is an essential reference tool for surveyors, architects, engineers and lawyers and provides a comprehensive analysis of over 80 leading cases, which define the courts’ approach to the Party Wall, etc. Act 1996 and the related common law rules. For ease of reference, the book contains an alphabetical digest of cases with an extensive subject index. The facts, key issues and decision in each case are summarised to provide easy access for the busy practitioner. The legal basis for each decision is also explained in clear, jargon-free language. The book is illustrated and extracts from relevant statutes appear throughout the text. An introductory chapter also places the cases in their broader legal context for those requiring a more detailed understanding of the law in this area. It is published by Blackwells at £29.50.

The Construction of Houses

The 4th edition of this popular book by Duncan Marshall and Derek Worthing is aimed specifically at practitioners who require a broad understanding of building construction as part of a wider sphere of professional activity. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of modern construction and services. In addition most chapters contain information on earlier construction techniques to reflect the age profile of the UK housing stock. This fourth edition has a revised text and hundreds of revised graphics, new illustrations and photos, an additional chapter on concrete housing, and an eight page colour section showing a series of photographs of a modern housing development. The book is published by EG Books at £32.00.

The Building Regulations Explained and Illustrated

Written by M.J. Billington, Keith Bright and J.R. Waters this standard text is now in its 13th edition. The Building Regulations Explained and Illustrated provides a detailed, authoritative and well illustrated guide to building control in England and Wales. This latest edition has been substantially revised to include revised chapters on Part A Structural Stability, Part C Materials, Part E Sound, Part F Ventilation, Part L Conservation of Fuel and Power, Part M Access, and a completely new chapter on Part P Electrical Safety. A host of smaller changes to the administration of the Regulations are also included. Published in hardback by Blackwells at £55.00.

Managing Health and Safety in Construction Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM Regulations) Approved Code of Practice L144

CDM Regulations The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007) came into force on 6th April 2007. This Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) by the HSE provides practical guidance on complying with the duties set out in the Regulations. It replaces the ACOP to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994. The key aim of CDM 2007 is to integrate health and safety into the management of the project and to encourage everyone involved to work together to improve the planning and management of projects; identify risks early on; target effort where it can do the most good in terms of health and safety; and discourage unnecessary bureaucracy. These Regulations are intended to focus planning and management throughout construction projects, from design concept onwards. Published by HSE Books in paperback at £15.00.

Building Services Handbook

Written by Fred Hall and Roger Greeno the Handbook is now in its 4th edition and summarises all elements of building services practice, techniques and procedures. This updated fourth edition provides the key information required by all building services engineers working in this industry. Information is presented in a highly illustrated and accessible visual style. It is published by Butterworth Heinemann in paperbook at £21.99.

Access and the DDA A Surveyor’s Handbook

Written by Mark Ratcliff this is a practical aid to interpreting, understanding and applying the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended by the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and the Disability Discrimination Act 2005). Access and inclusive design is a complex topic area, which is constantly evolving. This guide will get you up to date and cut through the confusion by providing a comprehensive, definitive guide to the last eleven years of the DDA legislation in its application to property. There are also practical sections, including design guidance, standards and best practice to assist in both audit and design work, in addition to including useful advice to assist in advising clients. Published at £39.95 in paperback by RICS Books.

Improving the Flood Performance of New Buildings Flood-Resilient Construction

This document by the Department of Communities and Local Government aims to provide guidance to developers and designers on how to improve the resilience of new properties in low or residual flood risk areas by the use of suitable materials and construction details. These approaches are appropriate for areas where the probability of flooding is low or where flood risk management or mitigation measures have been put in place. The guidance will also be useful to planners, building control officers and loss adjusters. Available from the publisher RIBA Publications for £25.00 (paperback).

Using the Building Regulations Part C Site Preparation

As the Building Regulations and Approved Documents have become more and more complex, they have become increasingly unfriendly for a professional user. Compliance is only possible by understanding a wide range of supporting documentation. Alternative approaches are implied, but not described or analysed. This book by Mike Billington examines Approved Document C on Site Preparation and takes the user through all the key stages of preparation, compliance, inspection and enforcement. It offers practical advice on using not just the traditional routes to compliance but also on the alternative approaches suggested but not explained in the Approved Documents. The advantages and disadvantages of each form of compliance are analysed in depth. Published by Butterworth Heinemann in Paperback at £29.99.

Understanding Building Failures

This new edition of Bill Ransom’s book (witten with James Douglas) provides a solid introduction to the study of defects in buildings and, in consequence, to good practice and to conservation and repair. Building failures continue to occur, despite continuing experience and growing knowledge in the industry, and they may even be on the increase due to factors such as cost-cutting measures, the inadequate testing of innovative products and techniques, a lack of maintenance, and user abuse and misuse. New material includes an outline of the principles of building pathology; new sections on deterioration mechanisms, service life prediction and dampness investigation; and a glossary and bibliography. Practitioners and students will find this an excellent source of guidance and information for investigating and avoiding building failures. Published by Spon Press in hardback at £65.00.

Electricity Wayleaves, Easements and Consents, Litigation, Practice and Procedure

Electricity is such a fundamental part of life that its supply is often taken for granted. However, the reality is that the rights for electricity lines are arguably the weakest of all utilities, with the vast majority covered by Wayleaves. The rights to run electricity lines across private land needs to be properly investigated and qualified. Large areas of land already are restricted by electricity lines, and the Government’s plans for substantial new house building, will create a great deal of interest in this area. Therefore the need for well-informed and experienced advice for landowners has never been more critical. The first book of its type, it brings together both legal and surveying experience, reviews all the relevant law and practice in one place, and provides key insight into:

  • defining electricity Wayleave;

  • handling the relevant statutory and Lands Tribunal procedures; and

  • valuation of Wayleaves.

Case studies are used to illustrate the relevant rules and legislation, allowing non-specialists to give a considered opinion to clients on action to take to avoid uncertainty for all involved. The book is written by Gary O’Brien and Charles Hamer and is available from EG Books and priced at £24.99.

Conservation of Decorative Leadwork

This new technical pamphlet from SPAB offers practical advice on the repair of architectural leadwork, describes fabrication techniques such as piercing and wrought work and looks at methods of surface decoration including gilding and tinning. For ordering details (price £4.00) see

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