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Internet page

Keywords: Sensors, Aerospace industry, Automotive industry

Founded in 1970, Entran manufactures miniature and compact sensors and electronics. They apply so of the latest semiconductor, thin film, metallic foil and hybrid circuit technologies to the measurement of acceleration, force and pressure in a multitude of environments. Their products include pressure sensors, load cells, accelerometers, strain gages, and electronic components.

This site contains lots of product information and is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

ALPS Electric is a Japanese company, which has been producing cutting-edge electronic components for mechatronic devices, automotive electronics, communications, peripheral products and magnetic devices since 1948.

This is an excellent site that contains an abundance of product information and is definitely worth visiting, although it can be quite difficult to navigate. Web sites

This site provides a huge number of links to Web sites related to aviation. They are loosely divided into a number of different categories but there does appear to be quite a few broken links. Systems Inc

Founded in 1961, Sensor Systems designs and manufactures antennas for commercial, military and business aerospace applications. They have become one of the largest airborne communications and navigation antenna manufacturers in the world.

This is a simple but an informative sight.

The Electronic Systems Center provides the latest in command and control and information systems for the US Air Force, the Department of Defense and their allies. The multi-sensor command and control aircraft system (MC2A) program aims to acquire and sustain the next generation airborne integrated ground surveillance and targeting capability, integrated within the multi-sensor command and control constellation.

This Web site is impeccably presented but can be quite slow to download Developments Inc.

Sensor Developments Inc. designs and manufactures sensors, instruments and systems for quality assurance testing. Their range of force and torque sensors are used to evaluate equipment including: engines, drive-trains, steering, suspensions, brakes, tires, power windows, sunroofs, aircraft controls, spot welders, and power tools.

The technical part of the site contains a useful glossary and set of conversion tables.

Hot sites Science and Technology Organisation

The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) is part of Australia's Department of Defence, and its role is to ensure the expert, impartial and innovative application of science and technology to the defence of Australia and its national interests.

DSTO's Aircraft Corrosion Control Group plays a role in assisting the Australian Defence Forces (RAAF, RAN and army fleets) to develop methods for preventing, controlling and remedying corrosion in aircraft structures. The Group aims to: determine the influence of corrosion damage on the fatigue life of aircraft alloys; develop methods to detect, sense and monitor corrosion in aircraft structures; develop capabilities to provide future advice and consultancy on corrosion-related problems in aircraft; and respond to specific requests for technical advice on preventing and controlling corrosion. This work aims to help maintain structural integrity, reduce maintenance costs, and improve aircraft availability.

DSTO's Maritime Platforms Division is developing corrosion sensors provide a non- destructive means of determining corrosion levels within a structure. They work by being collocated with potentially corrosive metals and monitoring the local state of corrosion. With no need to dismantle or strip back elements of the structure, the sensors are an efficient, cost-effective way of monitoring corrosion activity. They are working on two main types of miniature corrosion sensors, namely; electrochemical sensors and fibre-optic sensors. These sensors are also appropriate for use on pipelines, oil rigs, electricity transmission towers and large infrastructure, such as metal bridges.

This is an excellent Web site that contains a huge amount of information. Aircraft and Sensor Technology Program

The Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology (ERAST) project is a joint NASA-industry initiative to develop and demonstrate aeronautical technologies that could lead to a family of remotely or autonomously operated uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs) to carry out long-duration Earth science and environmental missions at high altitudes. EARST also aims to advance the state-of-the-art in UAV capabilities and sensor technologies so that, when used in combination as an integrated science platform, the data collection requirements of the science community are achieved.

This is another example of NASA's continued provision of well-presented project information. Additional information about the ERAST project can be found at:

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