Marketing and Public Relations Activities in ARL Libraries

Khalid Mahmood (University of the Punjab)

Library Review

ISSN: 0024-2535

Article publication date: 1 August 2000




Mahmood, K. (2000), "Marketing and Public Relations Activities in ARL Libraries", Library Review, Vol. 49 No. 6, pp. 303-310.



Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Since 1970, the Systems and Procedures Exchange Center of the Association of Research Libraries has been working for the improvement of management systems of academic and research libraries. The Center has an active publication programme that is best known for its SPEC Kits. Published ten times per year, these contain up‐to‐date information on the latest concerns relevant to members of the ARL.

Number 240 reports on a survey of 121 libraries of which 54 (45 per cent) responded. The survey, conducted in April‐May 1998, covered marketing and public relations activities of participating libraries. Detailed survey results are displayed in the preliminary pages of the monograph. The remaining part of the book contains representative supporting documents presented in six sections: planning; capital campaigns; gifts; library associates; lectures, receptions, seminars, etc.; and campus communication. This material is a reproduction of policy statements, brochures, newsletters, selected pages from reports, sample letters, etc. already published and used by various North American universities. These documents can be useful for improving understanding of the topic under discussion on the one hand and as a guideline in designing similar material by other libraries on the other. A list of latest readings on the topic is provided at the end. This list includes reports and journals and also annotations of relevant Web sites. A two‐page summary (SPEC Flyer) is also given in the beginning.

Keeping in view the growing importance of marketing and public relations activities in today’s librarianship this kit is particularly needed. We strongly recommend it for all library managers who are planning to start or improve their marketing and/or public relations activities. It can also be helpful for designers of library brochures, newsletters, etc.

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