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Article publication date: 1 December 2004



(2004), "Professional Literature", Library Hi Tech News, Vol. 21 No. 10.



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Professional Literature

New Books

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The International Journal of Web Services Research is a new official quarterly publication of the Information Resources Management Association and published by Idea Group Publishing. ISSN: 1545-7362 and ISSN: 1539-3119.

The Idea Group Publishing Group has a number of new reference titles that may be of interest and are currently being promoted with a pre-publication savings. For additional information, please consult

Encyclopedia of Communities and Practice in Information and Knowledge Management, edited by Elayne Coakes and Stephen Allen Clark. ISBN: 1591405564. Due April 2005.

Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining, edited by John Wang. ISBN: 1591405572. Due April 2005.

Encyclopedia of Database Technologies and Applications, edited by Laura Rivero, Jorge Doorn, and Viviana Ferraggina. ISBN: 1591405602. Due April 2005.

Encyclopedia of Developing Regional Communities with Information and Communications Technology, edited by Stewart Marshall, Wall Taylor, Xinghuo Yu. ISBN: 1591405750. Due April 2005.

Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction, edited by Claude Ghaoui. ISBN: 1591405629. Due April 2005.

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, edited by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, 5 vols. ISBN: 159140553X. Due January 2005.

Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management, edited by David Schwartz. ISBN: 1591405734. Due July 2005.

Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking, edited by Margherita Pagani. ISBN: 1591405610. Due April 2005.

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