Benoît Mandelbrot – further notes


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Article publication date: 18 October 2011



(2011), "Benoît Mandelbrot – further notes", Kybernetes, Vol. 40 No. 9/10.



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Benoît Mandelbrot – further notes

Article Type: Benoît Mandelbrot – further notes From: Kybernetes, Volume 40, Issue 9/10

Professor Robert Vallée has added some further details to the obituary notice for Benoît Mandelbrot (Kybernetes, Vol. 40 No. 1/2, pp. 336-7):

  • The uncle of B.M. (Szolem Mandelbrot) was Professor at Collège de France (an institution comparable to the Institute of Advanced Study of Princeton).

  • B.M. was a student at École Polytechnique. In his doctoral thesis, devoted to linguistics, information and theory of games, he introduced a generalization of Zipf’s law.

  • In 1952 he gave a lecture at Cercle d’Études Cybernétiques (which R.V. founded in 1950) on the links between the statistical structure of language and possible properties of brain.

  • His ideas on probabilities were influenced by Paul Lévy and his theory of fractals by Gaston Julia, both professors of mathematical analysis at École Polytechnique.

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