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(2011), "International Academy for Systems and Cybernetics Sciences", Kybernetes, Vol. 40 No. 9/10.



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International Academy for Systems and Cybernetics Sciences

Article Type: Anniversary greetings From: Kybernetes, Volume 40, Issue 9/10

Greetings to 40 years of Kybernetes On behalf of IASCYS (International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences) Matjaz Mulej, President

Close to ten decades ago, the First World War started the period of the longest world-wide crisis of the industrial era of humankind, including two world wars and the big depression between the two (1914-1941). Close to seven decades ago the articles about cybernetics and about general systems theory were published. I see in these articles a crucial response of establishers of these scientific disciplines, merging into one with many specializations, to the extremely dangerous one-sidedness of the decisive people of then and today. These persons and their organisations’ excuse for their over-specialization without interdisciplinary creative cooperation was “market does it all for societal benefit”. It does not, once monopolies and imperfect competition are found normal. One-sided governments do no better job. The 2008-crisis is the resulting biggest socio-economic crisis of all times and cannot be resolved unless holism is attained on the basis of human recognition that we need each other due to our differences. This is expressed in ethics of interdependence, a crucial concept of systems and cybernetic theories, leading to the requisitely holistic behavior of humans/humankind.

Four decades ago, Kybernetes was initiated to provide humankind insight in the need and capability of, and encouragement for, requisitely holistic behavior. Not all journals survived such a long period of time, and especially not all of those who were not supporting narrow specialization of a specific community of scientists. Kybernetes did. Editors, publishers, WOSC, and attracted authors and readers deserve a standing ovation for their enormous merits for humankind.

In my role as president of IASCYS as the community of the very outstanding systems and cybernetics scientists, currently from 14 countries, and including Professor Robert Vallée, I am proud to have the chance to join this standing ovation for Kybernetes. I am sure Kybernetes will go on fulfilling its mission for many decades ahead. This makes me happy and hopeful that even more readers and users of Kybernetes will soon have a chance to influence the humankind and help all of us find the way out from the “Bubble Economy and Society” of so far to a systemic-cybernetic one soon and for long times.

Dr (oec.), Dr (mgt.) Matjaz Mulej, Professor Emeritus,President,International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences

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