Call for papers -13th World Congress on Systems and Cybernetics


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Article publication date: 1 October 2004



(2004), "Call for papers -13th World Congress on Systems and Cybernetics", Kybernetes, Vol. 33 No. 9/10.



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Call for papers -13th World Congress on Systems and Cybernetics

Call for papers

13th World Congress on Systems and Cybernetics

Maribor, Slovenia 6-10 July 2005

WOSC – World Organization of Systems and Cybernetics, President: Robert Vallée, Director-General: Alex M. Andrew, Vice-President: Brian H. Rudall (also Director of the N. Wiener Institute of WOSC, Editor-in-Chief of Kybernetes)

In co-operation with: SDSR – Slovenian Systems Research Society, President: Matjaz Mulej (also first vice-president of IFSR – International Federation for Systems Research)

Theme (Central, but not exclusive): Systemic and cybernetic dealing with innovation

About the central theme

The European Union proclaimed in 2000 and confirmed in March 2004, that Europe is lagging behind US and Japan in its socio-economic development because Europe is not innovative and entrepreneurial enough. In documents about promotion of innovation, EU declared that systemic thinking is crucial for innovation. What EU means by systemic thinking, is not specified. But it is specified since 1971, that “innovation is every novelty proven useful by its users”. It is a very complex and poorly researched phenomenon and might make a good topic for many streams of thinking in terms of systems theory and cybernetics and applying it. The 80 per cent of humankind living outside US, Japan, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the four Asian Tigers need new insights into innovation even more.

Our insight into literature shows that the topic of thinking about innovation in systemic and cybernetic manner has been insufficiently researched to meet the needs of the modern humankind.

But other topics, which used to be dealt with in previous WOSC Conferences, are also fully welcome.

About publication, language, fees and sociocybernetics

All abstracts and papers should be sent to us in English which is going to be the working language of the conference. Detailed instructions for formatting the paper together with other information on the conference content and venue will be sent to authors after acceptance of their papers for presentation.

We will again publish a book of selected papers, which we tend to send to a number of academic libraries, too. Some papers may be invited to publication in Kybemetes, after reworking and review process.

The fee for all participants will be 250 Euro, including participation in the conference, its proceedings with all edited papers, and refreshments between the sessions. The fee for the participants with papers accepted and presented will be reduced to 200 Euro.

At the WOSC Congress, the 6th Conference on Sociocybemetics will take place as its independent part.

Deadlines of the 13th WOSC World Congress

  •  1 December 2004:Message of intention to join and/or to organise a symposium at WOSC World Congress. By E-mail.

  •  1 February 2005:Submission of abstracts (1 page) and a 1/3 page of the author's CV. By E-mail.

  •  1 March 2005:Acceptance or rejection of papers; instructions for preparing the final papers. By E-mail.

  •  15 May 2005:Submission of the final papers covering 8-10 pages (maximum). By E-mail.

  •  15 June 2004:Final program and information about the conference. By E-mail.

Submission of abstracts, suggestions, requests for further information and other questions should be addressed to: Prof Dr Matjaz Mulej, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor, PO Box 142 (EPF), SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia. Tel: +386 2 22 90 262; Fax: +386 2 25 16 681; E-mail:

Venue and accommodation

University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia (EU).

The closest airports are in Graz, Austria, and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Trains connect Maribor also with Vienna, A, Budapest, H, Zagreb, HR, and indirectly with all places in Europe.

There are student dormitories, university hotel and a number of different hotels in Maribor.

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