Modeling Neural Development


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Article publication date: 1 September 2004



Mann, C.J.H. (2004), "Modeling Neural Development", Kybernetes, Vol. 33 No. 8.



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Modeling Neural Development

Modeling Neural Development

Arjam van Ooyen (Ed.)MIT Press2003336 pp.ISBN: 0-262-22066-0Price: $60

The Editor, Professor van Ooyen, has collected a set of invited papers that examine neural development in terms of computational and mathematical modelling. The aim of the book is to study the development of the nervous system in its changes from molecule to system and then from neurulation to cognition.

It traces this development whilst providing information that includes discussions of gene networks; cell differentiation; neural tube development. It goes on to consider neuronal morphogenesis and neurite outgrowth and also many different views of the self-organisation of the neurons into networks.

The last part of the text is concerned with the refinement of connectivity and the development of specific patterns for it. The book describes the usefulness of the modelling techniques which provide the means of studying neural development with some accuracy and in its different phases of development. Further details of the book can be obtained from the Web site:

C.J.H. Mann

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