New Anderol compressor lubricant

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Article publication date: 7 March 2008



(2008), "New Anderol compressor lubricant", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 60 No. 2.



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New Anderol compressor lubricant

New Anderol compressor lubricant

Chemtura Industrial Lubricants is introducing a new Anderol-branded compressor lubricant, specifically designed for the Asian market, called AOSyn® GTP 46. The cost-effective, high-performance product was developed to meet growing demand across Asia for compressor oils with a specific service life. AOSyn® GTP 46 is the newest innovation in the ANDEROL portfolio, which came under the Chemtura umbrella in early 2007.

Anderol experts initiated the research and development of AOSyn GTP 46 when it identified a strong need amongst Asian compressor users: they required a robust lubricant with a mid- range service life of 4,000-6,000h, under the normal operation condition of 858C discharge temperature and 0.8MPa pressure. AOSyn GTP 46 was engineered to meet this specific service life requirement, which complements that of other screw compressor consumables. The new Chemtura lubricant offers Asian manufacturers the flexibility and convenience of changing all of their equipment's serviceable parts simultaneously.

“AOSyn GTP 46 is a custom-made lubricant that satisfies the demands of domestic and regional customers who are now able to exceed their targeted operational goals and maximize cost savings by reducing machine downtime,” said Jacky Fang, Technical Service Manager for Chemtura Industrial Lubricants, a global manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals. “This allows them to meet their foremost goal of maximizing overall equipment investment.”

Formulated with a specialized high- performance additive package that utilizes Chemtura's Hatcol-brand polyolester basestock as the carrier fluid, AOSyn GTP 46 lowers equipment maintenance costs by offering excellent thermal and oxidation stability – a key factor in minimizing deposit formations. Besides, displaying a long service life under normal operating conditions of 4,000-6,000h, the lubricant's high- viscosity index and low-volatility makes it stable over a wide temperature range. It also possesses excellent demulsifying abilities and is compatible with conventional mineral-based compressor oils. These characteristics make it suitable for use in a wide range of critical applications.

“We are deeply committed to optimizing our customers' equipment performance and delivering the most cost-effective solution for their applications,” said Francis Hou, General Manager – Asia Pacific, Chemtura Industrial Lubricants. “A high-quality product like AOSyn GTP 46 allows OEMs and end-users to achieve significant yields from their compressor equipment, which helps reduce operational downtime and maximize efficiency at a reasonable cost.”

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