Rheolube 716R - silent grease

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology

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Article publication date: 1 April 2000




(2000), "Rheolube 716R - silent grease", Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, Vol. 52 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/ilt.2000.01852bad.005



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Rheolube 716R - silent grease

Rheolube 716R - silent grease

Keywords: Bearings, Greases

A new ultra quiet bearing grease from Nye Lubricants Inc has proved itself technically superior to existing products in tests carried out by an independent university evaluation.

Nye Rheolube 716R is the outcome of several years of applied research to identify and minimise noise in bearings. Much of this research was commissioned by Nye in specialist research establishments and laboratories.

RL 716R is an ultra-filtered, low volatility, low noise gel for rolling element bearings. It has excellent lubricity and load carrying capability and is an ideal candidate for low temperature and low torque applications, with an operating temperature range of -54C to +150C.

A complex polyol ester-based rolling element bearing grease with excellent wide-temperature stability and low evaporation loss. Formulated, processed and ultrafiltered to reduce noise in precision bearing applications. Good lubricity, rust inhibition and load-carrying capability. An ideal candidate for low temperature and low-torque applications. Useful temperature range: -54C to 150C.

Typical properties of the base oil

Viscosity at: 100C 4.7 cs
40C 22 cs
25C 31 cs
-40C 3600 cs
Viscosity index 135
Flash point 250 C
Pour point < -65 C

Typical properties of the grease

Color, appearance Tan, smooth
Unworked penetration 250
Worked penetration, 60X 265
Oil separation, 30hr at 100C 4.5%
Evaporation, 24hr at 100C perASTM D-972 0.2%
Dropping point per ASTM D-2265 185 C
0.91 g/cc
Oxidation stability per ASTM D-942:
a. Conditions 100 hrs @ 100 C
b. Pressure drop 26 kPa
Water Washout, 1hr at 38C per ASTM D-1264 4.5 %
Water washout, lhr at 80C per ASTM D-1264 11.7 %
Bearing rust test per ASTM D-1743 Pass
Low temperature torque at -40C per ASTM D-1478:
a. Starting torque 708 gm-cm
b. Running torque, 10min 413 gm-cm
c. Running torque, 1hr 236 gm-cm
Four-ball wear per ASTM D-2266: (1200RPM, 40kg, 75C, 1 hr)
Wear scar: 0.50 mm
Cleanliness: 10-34 microns 500 particles/cc max 35 microns or larger No particles

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