Shipping interlibrary loans from the USA to Canada

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(2000), "Shipping interlibrary loans from the USA to Canada", Interlending & Document Supply, Vol. 28 No. 2.



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Shipping interlibrary loans from the USA to Canada

Shipping interlibrary loans from the USA to Canada

Keywords Libraries, Interlending, Shipping, Customs and excise

Many libraries in the USA and Canada, especially those close to the border, have a long history of interlibrary borrowing and lending with each other. The popularity of electronic ordering systems has increased the amount of cross-border interlibrary loan traffic.

The shipping of ILL materials between the countries has always had its problems. These problems seem to occur mainly at customs. Canadian libraries have to contend with postal handling fees and customs clearance fees. These fees vary in amount but it has been known for a fee of a $100 to be levied on 21 microfilms. Customs clearance fees are also charged to US libraries.

The Association of Research Libraries (ARL), with assistance from the National Library of Canada, has produced a fact sheet which will advise US libraries on the best methods of shipping and returning materials to Canadian Libraries. The fact sheet is mainly concerned with returnable materials as many libraries now send non-returnable items by fax or Ariel and is not applicable to materials sent to other foreign countries.

The fact sheet can be found at

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