Marketing versus HR

Human Resource Management International Digest

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Article publication date: 18 October 2011




(2011), "Marketing versus HR", Human Resource Management International Digest, Vol. 19 No. 7.



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Marketing versus HR

Article Type: Abstracts From: Human Resource Management International Digest, Volume 19, Issue 7

Harrington S. Human Resources (UK) , May 2011, Start page: 20, No. of pages: 4

Looks at the tendency for people from non-human resources backgrounds to be appointed to head up the human resource function, noting that these people often come from a marketing background. Asks if there is a good fit between marketing and human resources, quoting commentators who argue that it is. Tests this out by repeating an exercise with 20 top UK marketers that had been previously carried out with top human resource managers to identify the skills needed by a human resources “superstar”, and compares the results. Reports that marketers and human resource managers share similar skills and personalities but that their motivations are different – the human resource managers being highly motivated to serve people unlike the marketers who are more motivated by the business itself. Discusses the implications of this for human resource managers who want to gain more influence within the organization and the difficulties that can be encountered if marketers are appointed as head of human resources. ISSN: 0964-8380 Reference: 40AL626

Keywords: Human resource management, Marketing, Skills, Influence

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