Flushed with success


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(2000), "Flushed with success", Facilities, Vol. 18 No. 3/4. https://doi.org/10.1108/f.2000.06918cab.017



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Flushed with success

Flushed with success

Keywords: Heating/ventilation, Circulation systems, Cleaning

Heating installers are gaining new business opportunities in the quality of the service they can provide to their customers thanks to the co-operative approach being taken by leading system component and water treatment manufacturers.

Despite the fact that there is a British Standard Code of Practice (BS 7593) stating that chemical cleanser must be used to clean a system, and that the system must be flushed rather than simply drained down, there is plenty of evidence that new boilers and other components are still being installed on older fouled up systems which can mean costly call backs for the installer who has to correct the problem.

For example, pumps all too often suffer damage from system debris. Andy Rhodes, residential market sector manager for Grundfos Pumps, comments: "All but a tiny fraction of the Selectric circulators returned to us under warranty turn out to have been subjected to impossible system conditions, jammed up with all kinds of rubbish such as solder, flux, and even PTFE tape.

"The fact that Selectrics are the only domestic circulators with a one-piece rotor can that is easy to remove, clean and replace in efficient working order, is a benefit that installers appreciate - but the real point is, this sort of system debris shouldn't arise in the first place."

Being able to ensure that the heating system is properly flushed through and uncleansed is undoubtedly a big selling point for installers to their customers. That is why for over ten years, BetzDearborn has been working with component manufacturers to raise awareness of the need for proper water treatment. BetzDearborn's Sentinel range of water treatment products has been developed to reduce the damage caused by scale and corrosion deposits, and micro-organisms. The Sentinel X-range remedies the cause of the problem and not just the symptom.

The damage that debris in the system water can cause to the heat exchanger, diverter valves, circulator and TRVs all too often results in premature breakdown, with the finger of blame pointed at the other component manufacturers. Yet such problems could have been prevented, had the system been properly cleaned at the time of installation.

As a result, Grundfos Pumps and BetzDearborn have recently collaborated to produce the Sentinel Jetflush unit, a powerful flushing device which has been fitted with a Grundfos AP12 pump.

When used in conjunction with Sentinel water treatment solutions, the Jetflush enables deposits to be removed quickly, restoring the central heating system to full working order, or in a condition that is acceptable for the installation of a new boiler, complying with BS 5793 - and providing a genuine service to the owner of the new boiler at the same time.

The Sentinel Jetflush unit can thoroughly cleanse central heating systems prior to fitting new system components and is very easy to use. The unit is connected to the central heating system and is so powerful that it can be used to cleanse even a three-storey building in only one visit when used with Sentinel X400, or BetzDearborn's new cleaning product, Sentinel Deposit Remover.

Once the Jetflush is attached, water containing a water treatment solution is flushed throughout the whole system. The Jetflush is fitted with a flow reversal device which helps dislodge deposits before they are dissolved and removed via a dump valve. The system can then be flushed with clean, fresh water and a protective inhibitor, such as Sentinel X100, added when the system is refilled.

Unlike many other flushing devices, the pump is fitted inside the main chamber, which means the unit is compact, stable and quiet during operation and the pump motor is kept cool by the flushing water. Another benefit of the Grundfos AP12 is its automatic thermal overload switch which protects the motor from overheating.

The central heating market is more than 30 years mature and new high efficiency boilers and other components are continually being developed, ensuring a continuing high demand for both new and replacement installation work. Installers will gain all of the advantages of this profitable business - and none of the time-consuming, costly callbacks - by ensuring systems are thoroughly flushed through and cleansed every time.

For further information on BetzDearborn Sentinel contact: +44 (0) 151 420 9563, and on Grundfos Pumps contact: +44 (0) 1525 850000.

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