Dialog launches DialogPRO NewsEdge

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Article publication date: 1 June 2004



(2004), "Dialog launches DialogPRO NewsEdge", The Electronic Library, Vol. 22 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/el.2004.26322cab.014



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Dialog launches DialogPRO NewsEdge

Dialog launches DialogPRO NewsEdge

Dialog has announced the launch of DialogPRO (“predictable research online”) NewsEdge, its latest service designed for small business owners and managers worldwide. Dialog describes the service as “a high-value, easy-to-use news alerting tool, available for subscription at fixed monthly fees, that delivers real-time news provided by top news and research sources based across town and around the world, and also offers easy-to-use access to archives of previously reported news stories and research.”

Specific features available through DialogPRO NewsEdge include:

  • base content of more than 2,000 sources, including real-time reports from newswires such as The Associated Press and PR Newswire, among others;

  • options for access to a larger content pool culled from 8,000 sources;

  • the ability to schedule e-mail delivery of flagged reports during the business day;

  • access to that day’s – as well as previous days’ – editors’ picks and editors’ updates;

  • “Enterprise Redistribution”, the ability to relay flagged news reports and research to others within a subscribing company, and “Publishing Module”, the ability to select news reports for user-created folders that may be shared with others;

  • “Company Watchlist”, a financial markets tracking service based on stock symbols that offers access to detailed research, current market data and real-time news on monitored companies from around the world, enabling easy tracking of prospects, partners and larger competitors; and

  • weather information, with the user able to customize data for specific cities and retrieve five-day forecasts.

DialogPRO NewsEdge combines attributes from two branded families of services offered by Dialog. DialogPRO is a series of business intelligence services designed for small businesses, segmented into content channels (current roster: advertising, biotech, competitive intelligence, consulting, defense, energy, engineering, news, patent and trademark, with more expected to be added later). Dialog NewsEdge is an industry-specific, personalized current awareness and news alerting service designed primarily for corporations and other large organizations.

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