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The Library Shelf

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 0002-2667

Article publication date: 1 October 1947



When one is presented with a book having such a very broad title as ‘Introduction to Aeronautics’ one does not know exactly what to expect. But one looks for a broad treatment of the subject and not merely a treatise on one particular aspect. What one does find in this instance is an introductory treatise on some non‐structural aspects of the design of aeroplanes and rotating wing aircraft, together with some sketches of more fundamental matters. The precise contents can be judged from the titles of the eight chapters, which are: Basic Concepts; The Power Unit; Drag and Performance Estimation; Flaps, Take‐Off and Landing; Control and Stability; Wind‐Tunnel and Flight Testing; Flight Manoeuvres; Load and Pressure Distribution; Rotating Wing Aircraft. There is an appendix corresponding to each chapter. In his ‘Explanatory Note’ the author states ‘In the chapters the matters dealt with are treated only to the extent required for a practical application, the proofs of formulae being usually omitted. In the appendices selected matters are further expounded, and additional information and references to published Reports are given.’ And in the Preface he says, ‘I trust… that the contents and the method of presentation will be found acceptable by the aircraft technician and draughtsman, and by the student of aeronautics also’. These sentences explain very adequately the intention of the author and the scope of the book, while indicating its severe limitations.


DUNCAN D.Sc, W.J.F. (1947), "The Library Shelf", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 19 No. 10, pp. 327-327.




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