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Month in the Patent Office: A Selection of the More Important Aircraft and Engine Specifications Published Recently

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 0002-2667

Article publication date: 1 September 1934



A pack parachute wherein the pack is closed by two flaps having studs which co‐operate with eyelets on two other flaps in which the studs are held by the rip cord, has the pilot parachute, which is fitted with a spring opening device, packed between the flaps carrying the studs and the flaps having the eyelets so as to assist the disengagement of the eyelets from the studs when the rip cord is pulled. The pack is built round a rectangular wire frame 21, 22, Fig. 9, and has two end flaps 23, 24, fitted with conical studs 63, and two side flaps 25, 26, having eyelets 65, 66. The shroud lines of the main parachute are tucked in zigzag formation into elastic loops 57 and the folded canopy laid over them. The two end flaps 23, 24 are then folded over and the folded pilot parachute laid over them between flaps 64. Then the side flaps 25, 26 are folded over and the four eyelets are engaged over the studs 63 and held by a wire rip cord 67, Fig. 1, passed through holes in the studs. A flap 70 on the flap 26 is buttoned over the rip cord and flaps 78 are tucked in to close the corners. The pilot parachute has an endless wire butterfly spring 47, Fig. 5, stitched beneath tapes on the fabric, and this spring assists the separation of the flaps 25, 26 from the flaps 23, 24 as well as ensuring the opening of the pilot parachute. The main parachute has a skirt portion 39, Fig. 3, and at diametrically opposite points has openings 40 covered by outwardly and inwardly opening flaps on the two surfaces of the fabric to assist entry of air as the cover is withdrawn from the pack. The shroud lines 32 extend right across the vent 34 and the cable 35 of the pilot parachute is looped to them.


(1934), "Month in the Patent Office: A Selection of the More Important Aircraft and Engine Specifications Published Recently", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 6 No. 9, pp. 256-256.




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