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Month in the Patent Office: A Selection of the More Important Aircraft and Engine Specifications Published Recently

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 0002-2667

Article publication date: 1 October 1930



Planes and the like, construction of; framework.—Cantilever wings, braced against torsional deflection, have spaced spars, composed of upper and lower narrow booms b1 b2, c1 c2 and webs b3, c3, stayed apart at intervals by compression ribs d and thus divided into rectangular or trapezoidal sections from the root to the outer end, and braced by triangular tension bracing members e1 e2, e3 e4, f1 f2, f3 f4, having their bases on the upper and lower booms and the apices of the bracing members on the upper booms of different spars connected together and also the apices of bracing members on the lower booms connected together to form opposed pyramids e1. . e4 and f1 . . f4, the apices of one pyramid being stayed apart from the apices of the opposite pyramid by means of a strut g. Alternatively an intermediate spar may replace the struts g, the apices of the pyramids being located on its booms. Similarly more than three spars may be braced together by tension members forming a link 14, has a lateral extension 4 coupled by a link 5 to a bell‐crank lever 6 which is connected by cables 10, 11 to the brakes on the two sides of the machine. Two additional cables 18, 19 extend from the brakes to the lower end of the lever 15. The cables are normally slack and the slack is taken up sufficiently to apply the brakes only when the control lever 1 is moved to extreme positions. A modification is described in which the cables 10, 11 are connected directly to the lower end of the control column 1. Hydraulically or electrically applied brakes may be used instead of the cable‐actuated brakes shown.


(1930), "Month in the Patent Office: A Selection of the More Important Aircraft and Engine Specifications Published Recently", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 2 No. 10, pp. 270-270.




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