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The Library World Volume 33 Issue 11

New Library World

ISSN: 0307-4803

Article publication date: 1 May 1931



THE somewhat limited attendance at the Annual Meeting of the London and Home Counties Branch of the Library Association at Twickenham gave some colour to the contention of one of our writers that London is rather moribund to‐day. Fortunately it cannot be said that the younger members of the profession are losing their interest, because the bulk of the attendance was of assistants, and as the A.L.A. section has its own monthly meetings, it will be seen that assistants are doing their share. The chief librarians of London, and in this we include librarians of other than public libraries, make at present a most: disappointing showing. A few years, or even months, ago this could be attributed to the fact that they were all senior men whose vitality, if not their interest, had been reduced by age. To‐day, however, every library in London is in the hands of a young man. There is something significant in the fact that they do not come together in any numbers. When we read from the Annual Report of the Branch that the membership is nearly 700, we are somewhat surprised to learn that the attendance at Twickenham was less than one‐forteenth of that number.


(1931), "The Library World Volume 33 Issue 11", New Library World, Vol. 33 No. 11, pp. 304-328.




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