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The Library World Volume 27 Issue 8

New Library World

ISSN: 0307-4803

Article publication date: 1 February 1925



THE pre‐occupation of the moment is naturally the work of the Public Libraries Committee of the Board of Education. Its Questionnaire has been widely issued, and has been variously criticised. One or two authorities, including Wandsworth, have declined to furnish replies on the ground that they object to any disturbance of the present local control of libraries. The objection is a sound one, no doubt, although even that point is controversial, but we deprecate the attempt to anticipate the attitude and findings of the Committee. There is as yet no adequate reason to suppose that the Board of Education contemplates any national control of libraries which shall remove them from the keeping of their present authorities. There are many other ways, however, in which reforms are necessary and urgent, and these can only be brought about or even be considered in the light of comprehensive and accurate information. The refusal to supply information is, in any case, an ostrich‐like policy, since, if the Board of Education has determined that they will take over the control of public libraries, the objections of a local authority here and there will not alter that policy. We do not believe, however, that such a change is contemplated, and, in any case, it could only come about by a general agreement on the part of local authorities to that effect.


(1925), "The Library World Volume 27 Issue 8", New Library World, Vol. 27 No. 8, pp. 192-208.




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