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Elements of Morphogenesis and Pattern Recognition Methods in the Process of Engineering Creation

F.W. Przystupa (Technical University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland)


ISSN: 0368-492X

Article publication date: 1 March 1991



In the creation process, treated holistically, the stages of chaotic inspiration, ideas classification, selection and decision may be traced. Known models of engineering creativity have aimed usually at one of these stages, which becomes thus particularly emphasised. Frequently positive statements saying that “brainstorming is a useful process at the initial stage of creation” or that “morphological processes are recommended at the stage of details determination” can be found. Such statements, together with the creativity models based on them, diminish the possibility of the application of the stages mentioned above, though they will appear, even independently of the creator's consciousness. A model, however, of creativity (designing, constructing) which will not unnecessarily stress any stage of design and will be applicable to all creative activities may be suggested. A creator's searching for an inspired solution is a typical creative process which may be treated as a catastrophe model. In the selection, one of many methods of pattern recognition may be proposed. A specific model of creativity is presented and also a technique of method implementation using computer techniques.



Przystupa, F.W. (1991), "Elements of Morphogenesis and Pattern Recognition Methods in the Process of Engineering Creation", Kybernetes, Vol. 20 No. 3, pp. 42-48.




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