Wireless Black Box bridges the LAN gap - fast

Disaster Prevention and Management

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Article publication date: 1 May 2000



(2000), "Wireless Black Box bridges the LAN gap - fast", Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 9 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/dpm.2000.07309bad.001



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Wireless Black Box bridges the LAN gap - fast

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Wireless Black Box bridges the LAN gap - fast

Black Box introduces the SpeedLAN 10Mbps wireless bridge, providing five times the through-put of conventional wireless systems without any loss of distance. Capable of speeds up to 10Mbps and distances of up to 16km (subject to local transmit power regulations), SpeedLAN uses a radio link instead of cable to provide the necessary LAN link allowing users to share information among multiple devices at different sites.

"With SpeedLAN, all users on both LANs can share information at speeds of up to 10Mbps. At last there is a wireless LAN system that allows you to keep the pace and go the distance", comments Patrick Hudgeil, managing director of Black Box.

"In any situation where there is a group of buildings a few kilometres apart that need to share and exchange information among multiple devices at different sites, schools, hospitals, government offices, corporate businesses - SpeedLAN is a fast and cost-effective solution. Several technologies exist for wireless data transmission, but in many situations SpeedLAN is more efficient. For example, satellite is prone to delays and infra-red is better suited to distances less than 1km, whereas SpeedLAN reliably maintains high quality over longer distances", concludes Hudgull.

SpeedLAN is easy to set up and operate. Just plug the bridges in, point the antennas in the right direction and use the included SNMP management software to configure and control everything else.

For optimal performance it is recommended that the antennas are aligned with a relatively clear line of sight and appropriate clearance above nearby objects. For long distance data transmissions, antennas are available which support ranges of up to 40km.

The SpeedLAN 10 benefits from Black Box's failsafe "Fido Protection" warranty plan. This hassle-free protection scheme guarantees complete replacement or repair of all Black Box damaged goods, in all eventualities. Black Box also provides free expert technical help and a free technical information faxback service.

SpeedLAN 10 is available immediately, priced from £7,795 excl. SpeedLAN is part of an extensive range of wireless products. Customers requiring further information on costs and availability should contact: Melanie Rose/Jenny Davidson, Catalyst Communications. Tel: +44 (0) 171 932 2500; Fax: +44 (0) 171 932 2519; e-mail: melanie.rose@catalystpr.com

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