ERNI secures DaimlerChrysler licence for optical backplanes

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Article publication date: 1 March 2003




(2003), "ERNI secures DaimlerChrysler licence for optical backplanes", Circuit World, Vol. 29 No. 1.



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ERNI secures DaimlerChrysler licence for optical backplanes

ERNI secures DaimlerChrysler licence for optical backplanes

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ERNI has enhanced its technology portfolio by obtaining a licence for optical backplane technology granted by DaimlerChrysler Corporation. (see Plate 2) ERNI will use the base licensing technology to expand its optical transmission product range. The agreement with DaimlerChrysler covers the production of optical polymer waveguides and the technology of coupling and decoupling optical signals.

Plate 2 Optimal backplane technology

Short-wave light is introduced into a liquid, light-sensitive plastic film, which hardens along the exposed track. By moving the focal point, it is possible to implement any size by means of CAD waveguide circuits. The light is coupled by micromirrors embedded in the waveguide. This technique allows the expense of adjustment and therefore the cost to be reduced considerably. In addition, the divergent light emerging from the waveguide is concentrated in a special connector (interface between the optical backplane and the electronics) by a lens, to make a beam (diameter of a few mm). The connector pendant on the conductor card then focuses the beam onto a photodiode for conversion to the electrical signal. This setup allows far greater inaccuracies during adjustment than those from the glass fibres usually found in telecommunications. This optical backplane technology makes available a good- value cost concept in keeping with industry practices that can be used in telecommunication switching centres and other applications.

ERNI will introduce this optical backplane technology in its future range of backplane products and assembly systems. They will also work at providing the relevant optical connectors. The licensing of this promising innovative technology is an important step in the expansion of ERNI's systems engineering capacities, thus rounding off the able connector program with great manufacturing penetration and extensive test services.

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