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Article publication date: 1 September 2000



(2000), "IPC. IPC Expo preview", Circuit World, Vol. 26 No. 3. https://doi.org/10.1108/cw.2000.21726cab.011



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IPC. IPC Expo preview


IPC Expo preview

IPC Expo will be hosting a three-track conference with over 60 technical papers introducing new technologies and demonstrating how to boost manufacturing efficiency with conventional technologies.

Session topics

The Future of the Printed Circuit BoardHigh Density Interconnect (HDI) Technology SolutionsPC Board FabricationFlex Circuits ProcessingFlex Circuits Materials/ReliabilityDesigning for Leading Edge ManufacturingEnvironmental ConcernsDielectric Materials (HDI Alternatives to FR4)Materials Used In-ProcessLead Free Surface Finishes for High Tech Boards (Final Finishes)Electrical Testing HDIs Final ChallengeSolderability TestingQuality and Reliability - How Do You Know?Non Halogenated SubstratesEmbedded PassivesHigh Speed/High FrequencyYield Improvements Through Handling and Cleanliness

Free forums

All IPC Printed Circuit Expo attendees are invited to come to the FREE Forums. These sessions are conveniently scheduled during show hours:

  • History of BT Resin

  • Technology Roadmaps

  • Market Trends

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Molded Circuits


PWB manufacturingT-01 Fundamentals of Printed Wiring BoardsW-06 High Density Base Material Alternatives (Part 2)T-02 Troubleshooting the PWB Manufacturing ProcessW-07 Direct Write Exposure Techniques for PCB Imaging: The History and FutureT-03 Base Material Basics: The Manufacture and MarketW-08 Laser Materials ProcessingT-04 Fabricating Advanced PWBs Using Build-Up TechnologiesW-09 Lasers in PCB ManufactureT-05 Making Microvias Using Lasers and Other TechnologiesW-10 Plasma Processes for HDI ManufacturingT-08 Manufacturing and Reliability Issues of Small Diameter/High Aspect Ratio PTHs and ViasW-11 Microvias and Mechanical DrillingT-17 Final FinishesW-16 Direct MetallizationW-01 Purchasing Printed Circuit BoardsW-17 A Brief Tour of the PWB Manufacturing ProcessW-05 High Density Base Material Alternatives (Part 1)

PWB quality and testingT-09 Process Control in Printed Circuit FabricationT-19 PWB Solderability Testing OverviewT-10 PWB Microsectioning EssentialsT-24 IPC-A-600 Worker Proficiency Certification Training/Testing (Internally Observable Characteristics - 1 Day Course)T-11 Testing HDI Emerging Packaging and High Frequency Bare BoardsW-02 Design of ExperimentsT-16 IPC-A-600 Worker Proficiency Certification Training/Testing (Externally Observable Characteristics - 2 Day Course)W-04 Advanced Tools for PWB Testing and Failure Analysis

Business and management issuesW-01 Purchasing Printed Circuit BoardsW-03 Integrating an Environmental Management Systems Into Your Business Plan

PWB designT-12 Design for Manufacturing BasicsT-23 Geometric Dimensioning and TolerancingT-13 High Speed: What Fabricators and Designers Need to KnowW-15 EMI: Control at the PC Board LevelT-14 Microvia and High Density Interconnect: Material Selection, Fabrication Processes, and Design GuidelinesW-13 Mixed Signal DesignT-21 Designing for Flexible CircuitsW-14 Controlled Impedance DesignT-22 PCB Stack-Up DesignW-18 Effective Data Transfer for HDI PWBs

Flexible CircuitryT-15 Flexible Circuit Technology FundamentalsT-21 Designing for Flexible CircuitsT-20 Flexible Circuitry Processes and ApplicationsW-12 Stepping up to Flex: Bringing Flexible Circuitry to Your PWB Facility

HDI MicroviasT-04 Fabricating Advanced PWBs Using Build-up TechnologiesW-05 High Density Base Material Alternatives (Part 1)T-18 The Microvia Opportunity: Technology, Markets, and ApplicationsW-06 High Density Base Material Alternatives (Part 2)T-05 Making Microvias Using Lasers and Other TechnologiesW-09 Lasers in PCB ManufactureT-06 Pitfalls and Roadblocks to the Implementation of Microvia TechnologyW-08 Laser Materials ProcessingT-07 Substrate Selection Criteria for HDI AssembliesT-08 Manufacturing and Reliability Issues of Small Diameter/High Aspect Ratio PTHs and ViasT-14 Microvia and High Density Interconnect: Material Selection, Fabrication Processes, and Design Guidelines

Contracted exhibitor listing at 25 January 1999

Exhibitor Booth
3M Scotchgard Photo Tool 3031
ABBA Rubber International 3055
Accu-Tech Laser Processing 213
Accudyne Engineering & Equipment Company 1358
AccuSystems Corporation 2424
ACS Technologies Corporation 1732
ACT - A Division of PADS Company 222
Acu-Gage Systems 2118
Advanced Chemical Company 252
Advanced Chemill Systems 1716
Advanced Controls, Inc. 1148
Advanced Plasma Systems Inc. 1360
Advanced Products 2344
Advanced West 524
AEI - Automation Engineering Inc. 232
Ahlstrom Paper Group 631
Airtech Advanced Materials Group 2632
American Light Technology 611
American Testing Corporation 3071
Amtech 2512
AOI International Inc. 2150
Argus International 2634
Arlon Materials for Elec. 1322
Artnet Technology Inc. 617
Atotech USA, Inc. 2250
Avalon Technology, Inc. 610
B. Bacher, Inc. 2734
B&B Custom Circuit Supplies 210
Bacon Software 2116
Baker Technology Associates Inc. 910
Barco ETS 1610
Bassi Trading Inc. 454
Bohler Bleche 348
Buehler Ltd. 1115
Burkle USA 2330
C.A. Picard, Inc. 2224
Camtek Ltd. 2242
CE Kalmus Consulting 1640
Ceco Filters 1822
Ceco Industries 328
Centerline Circuit Board Products 532
Chemelex 1921
Chemring Plating Systems Inc. 2258
Christopher Associates Inc. 1624
CIBA Specialty Chemicals 1746
Cimnet Systems Inc. 2344
Circuit Automation 1124
Circuit Research Corporation 1518
Circuit World/MCB University Press Ltd. 2528
CircuiTree 458
CK Technologies 1210
CMI International 1916
Coates Circuit Products 2032
Colight 628
Copelco Capital 835
CP Films 3077
Creo Ltd. 234
Cugher Inc. 1840
Custom Industrial Rack 2410
Daiwa Giken Co. Ltd. 2744
Dalux Equipment America 1410
DB Management Group 231
Delsen Testing Laboratories 2526
Dexon Manfacturing 250
Dexter Electronic Materials 2318
Displays & Optical Technologies 1215
DJB Technical Sales 1759
Doosan Electro-Materials 1540
Dosco Products Company 2215
Dovebid Custom Circuit Supplies 210
Douthitt Corporation 1118
DuPont Advanced Fibers Systems 531
DuPont Electronics 710
ESI 1242
ECI Technology Inc. 322
EG&G ORC Electronic Products 1946
Eidschun Engineering Inc. 1658
EIS Circuit Supply Division 1740
Electra Polymers & Chemicals Inc. 1422
Electrochemicals 2324
Electronic Packaging Services 3061
Electroply Inc. 2509
Elmatco Products Inc. 750
Enthone-OMI Inc. 1952
Equipment Technologies Inc. 1710
Escher-Grad Technologies 2511
Etec Systems 1530
Eternal Technology Corp. 2731
Everett/Charles Technologies 1056
Excellon Automation Company 2434
FASTechnologies 2544
Faustel 3087
Finish Thompson Inc. 931
Florida CirTech Inc. 2334
FrontLine PCB Solutions 616
Future Circuits International 69
GE Electromaterials 2054
Giese International 3041
GIL Technologies 3047
Glenbrook Technologies Inc. 619
Gould Electronics Inc. 310
Grace Electron Corp. 1458
Graphic Media Products 1512
Great Western Chemical Company 351
GS Guenther Strecker 935
GSI Lumonics Inc. 410
Gyrex Corporation 347
HBS Equipment Corporation 1014
Hendor-PE Inc. 3037
Hitachi Digital Graphics 2042
Hiwin Mikrosystem 3065
Hollmuller Maschinenbau 258
Hydromatix Inc. 732
Ideal Tape Company 3067
Infinite Graphics 1026
nsulectro 2626
Integrated Process Systems Inc. 1852
Integri-Test Corporation 242
International Light, Inc. 248
International Supplies srl 930
Internex Ltd. 1922
IPC 1810
Ishii Hyoki (America) Inc. 1310
Isola Laminate Systems 1032
Isola USA 2518
ITC Intercircuit NA 2210
JAM Technology 1514
JJA (Johnson & Johnston) 2620
Kaneka High-Tech Materials 734
Keltec Associates Inc. 953
Kem-Tec America, LLC 424
Kinetico Engineered Systems 533
KSL Kuttler GmbH 922
KSM Int'l Ltd. 1654
Lach Diamond Inc. 2515
Lackwerke Peters 1050
Laminate Systems 310
Lavenir Technology 954
LCOA (Laminating Co. of America) 2233
Leading Edge Devices 2358
Liberty Screenprinting Machinery Inc. 3083
Lloyd Doyle 716
Luther & Maelzer Inc. 1910
M & B Plating Racks Inc. 1546
M.E. Baker Company 3089
MacDermid Inc. 916
Maintech Inc. 2614
Mania America Inc. 442
March Pumps 2218
Marseco Inc. 342
Mask Technology Inc. 3039
McGean-Rohco Inc. 854
M.E. Baker Company 3089
MEC USA Specialty Products Inc. 1457
Mesa West Inc. 3011
Met-Pro Corporation 510
Metallic Resources Inc. 1743
Metallurgical Products Co. 1642
MetalsAmerica 1510
Methode Development Company 2219
Micro-Vu Corporation 534
MicroCraft 1428
Microtek Laboratories 1453
Miller Freeman 2058
Mivatec Hard-und Software GmbH 1609
Multi Tech/Tokai Shoji 432
Multicore Solders, Inc. 613
Multiline Technology 724
NAIS Laminates Division 334
Nan Ya Plastics Corp. 1632
National Graphic Supply 3027
New Tech Tool Corporation 2524
Nicolet Imaging Systems 2110
Nidec-Read 1446
North Texas Circuit Board 1826
OAC Inc. 2230
Oak Mitsui Inc. 247
OLEC Corporation 2010
Oliver Sales Company 3043
OMG Fidelity 834
Operations Technology 2134
Optima Industries, Inc. 3007
Orbotech 742
Oriental Happy Enterprise Co. Ltd. 1213
Oxford VUE Inc. 1520
Paar Physica 1926
PAC/ASIA Circuit News 1219
Pacific Testing Laboratories, Inc. 1644
Pal Sales Inc. 316
Parelec 241
Park Electrochemical Corp. 1816
PC Routing, Inc. 2416
Phibro-Tech, Inc. 1012
Photomachining Inc. 3075
Plasma Etch, Inc. 831
Plating Engineering & Chemicals Co. Ltd. 1449
Pluritec USA 2024
Polar Instruments 2231
Polyclad Laminates Inc. 1440
Posalux North America Inc. 2644
PPG Industries 243
Preco Industries Inc. 2623
Printed Circuit Europe 1741
Printed Circuit Journal Company, Ltd. 237
Printed Circuit News TBA
Probetest Systems Ltd. 1558
Probot Inc. 642
Process Technology Inc. 1455
ProM-S, LLC 1328
Pronto Circuits Tech (PCT) 2114
Radoll Designs Inc. 259
Rapid Power Technology 609
RD Chemical Company 3079
Resco SRL 352
Rexam Electronic Films 1109
Rogers Corporation 1752
Rosenthal Manufacturing Co. Inc. 2209
Samari Engineering 436
Scapa Tapes North America 2025
Schmid Systems Inc. USA 1042
SDI Systems 1132
Serfilco Ltd. 3051
Shigma Inc. 1254
Shima American Corp. 832
ShipleyRonal 1142
Siemens 1032
Sierra Polymer Company 2530
Spraying Systems Company 2021
Surface Science Laboratories 2414
Systronic North America 650
T-Tech Inc. 2416
Taconic ADD 518
Taiyo America Inc. 1110
Tamarack Scientific Company Inc. 216
Technic Inc./SFT 1334
Technica, USA 622
Technical Machine Products 1613
TecNu Inc. 1619
Teknek LLC 1940
Teledyne Halco 942
Teledyne Printed Circuits 1010
Test Connections Inc. 2123
Test Technology International Inc. 1316
TET Halco 942
Texmac Inc. 1753
Tibor Darvas 1209
Toryon Technologies Inc. 222
Trace Laboratories - East 957
UIC/Uyemura International Corporation 1452
Unichem Industries Inc. 550
Univertical Corporation 933
US Filter 858
Veeco Instruments Inc. 1644
Vortex Roller Corporation 1739
W.L. Gore & Associates 633
Water Treatment Technologies Inc. 833
Web-Quote Inc. 1617
Weiner & Associates Inc. 1116
West Coast Enterprises Inc. 1552
Western Magnum Corporation 1350
Western Technology Association 1524
Westwind Air Bearings Ltd. 634
WKK Distribution Ltd. 1020
World Resources Company 1925
Yamauchi (USA) Corp. 223

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