Rogers introduces ULTRALAM 1000 woven glass PTFE laminates

Circuit World

ISSN: 0305-6120

Article publication date: 1 March 2000




(2000), "Rogers introduces ULTRALAM 1000 woven glass PTFE laminates", Circuit World, Vol. 26 No. 1.



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Rogers introduces ULTRALAM 1000 woven glass PTFE laminates

Rogers introduces ULTRALAM® 1000 woven glass PTFE laminates

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With the introduction of ULTRALAM® 1000 series woven glass reinforced PTFE laminates, Rogers claims it extends its ability to provide one-stop-shopping for customers who need all types of high frequency and high performance printed circuit board laminates. The new materials are backed by the company's worldwide service and technical support. ULTRALAM 1000 series materials match the dielectric constant and loss tangent characteristics of other woven glass PTFE laminates, allowing customers to secure an additional material source for ongoing programs without revising circuit board designs. The laminates are available in up to 4' x 10' sheets, ideal for making large panel antennas, and in 12" x 18", 24" x 18", and 24" x 36" sizes. Standard thicknesses include 0.020", 0.031", 0.062" for dielectric constants of 2.171, 2.50, and 3.0. These configurations are targeted to common antenna and amplifier applications.

For more information, please contact: Product information, Rogers Corporation, Microwave Materials Division, 100 S. Roosevelt Avenue, Chandler, AZ 85226, USA. Tel: +1 602 961 1382; Fax: +1 602 961 4533; E-mail: or

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