E3.series gets slicker and quicker, rising to meet user challenges

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

ISSN: 0002-2667

Article publication date: 4 July 2008



(2008), "E3.series gets slicker and quicker, rising to meet user challenges", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 80 No. 4. https://doi.org/10.1108/aeat.2008.12780dad.002



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E3.series gets slicker and quicker, rising to meet user challenges

E3.series gets slicker and quicker, rising to meet user challenges

Article Type: Equipment and software From: Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal, Volume 80, Issue 4

This year’s E3.series is all about letting the users lead the way in determining software feature enhancements. In addition to specific technology advancements for the modules within E3.series, click for click, users demanded more and Zuken delivers.

Tasks that previously required multiple clicks and commands, are now done with the press of a single button – or even automatically. In addition to enhancing the usability of the core architecture and base module, Zuken pulled out all the stops to improve the quality of cabling design and manufacturing, while also integrating other modules like fluid design into the heart of the product-development process.

Zuken advanced the multi-user capabilities by introducing hierarchical and restricted design control for efficiency required to meet the challenges of large-scale design operations for highly complex products. Improvements to the core module, E3.schematic, focus on making the design processes smoother and eliminating tedious design tasks like switching between forced and normal wiring for a connection, which would normally take between 30 and 60 s per pin connect.

For a design with over 1,000 connections, completing this job automatically results in a massive time savings. With the latest version it is now possible to embed any file as an external document within the E3.series design, delivering significant savings in project management. For companies with wide product ranges, managing design options gets easier; changing from one option to another previously required about 25 mouse clicks – now it is down to just three.

The module for designing cabinets and other panel structures, E3.panel, gains improved design flexibility and fully exploits the object-oriented structure of E3.series. When space, scale and product variation and options are an issue, users can apply different mounting positions for different variations or options of a product.

Catering specifically to the aerospace, military cable, automotive, and wire harness producers, E3.cable is said to guarantee higher reliability early within the design cycle, supports industry design and legislative requirements, and overcomes specific product requirements, for example; easy placement of inliners in automotive connections. Moving away from the traditional electrical focus of E3.series, hydraulics designers can also benefit from advancements in the hydraulic and pneumatic module, E3.fluid.

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