Lightweight, cost-effective EMI shielding plastic for aerospace applications

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

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Article publication date: 16 May 2008



(2008), "Lightweight, cost-effective EMI shielding plastic for aerospace applications", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 80 No. 3.



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Lightweight, cost-effective EMI shielding plastic for aerospace applications

Article Type: Materials From: Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology: An International Journal, Volume 80, Issue 3.

Chomerics has developed a lightweight, electrically conductive plastic for EMI shielding of high-temperature avionics (Figure 1). PREMIER PolyEtherlmide (PEI)-140 reportedly maintains high- temperature tolerance, chemical resistance and UL 94V-0 flammability rating for a cost-effective electronics shielding solution up to 85dB in aerospace applications. PEI-140 is stated to comply with avionics smoke density requirements in the event of an on-board fire.

Figure 1 Chomerics has introduced a lightweight EMI shielding plastic for fuel- conscious aerospace applications

PEI was chosen for the base resin of avionics grade PREMIER for its outstanding elevated thermal resistance, exceptionally high-strength mechanical properties, flame resistance and extremely low-smoke generation. PEI-140 is an amorphous thermoplastic reinforced with matrix of proprietary conductive fillers to provide EMI shielding. PEI-140 is engineered to optimize stable electrical, mechanical and physical performance for EMI shielding in continuous use at temperatures up to 340°F (170°C). PEI-140 is also appropriate for high- performance applications in other industries such as defence, medical electronics and transportation, where properties of light weight, strength, flame resistance and EMI shielding add value.

PREMIER PEI-140 claims to provide the only commercially available thermoplastic system with a homogenous dispersion of the fibre throughout the moulded part, regardless of part geometry.

This filler morphology, formulated for consistent shielding up to 85dB over a wide range of frequencies, combined with proprietary dispersion agent, provides excellent conductivity and consistent shielding throughout the part. PEI-140 complies with RoHs, WEEE, EPA, EU and TCO specifications for ecological compatibility, and contains no halogenated compounds. Used material may be recycled using standard industry practices.

According to Chomerics global product line manager John Perkins, “PREMIER PEI-140 is designed to meet the requirements demanded by the avionics industry.” By using PEI- 140, avionics systems suppliers can offer their customers weight reductions to help drive fuel efficiency and closer tolerance mechanical parts to facilitate tighter fit, improved sealing and excellent EMI shielding performance.

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