Filtration system eliminates pitting from hard chrome plating

Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology

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Article publication date: 1 October 2004




(2004), "Filtration system eliminates pitting from hard chrome plating", Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, Vol. 76 No. 5.



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Filtration system eliminates pitting from hard chrome plating

Filtration system eliminates pitting from hard chrome plating

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Following a 3-year project to develop a low- effluent hard chrome plating plant in partnership with the Environmental Technology Best Practice Programme, Poeton Industries reports that it has dramatically improved the quality of the hard chrome plating it produces by introducing a more efficient and environmentally friendly high- pressure filtration system into its processing plant.

Managing Director Colin John claims that the company's new Apticote 100 process, which costs no more than conventional hard chrome plating, eliminates the problems of pitting that can seriously affect critical components such as aircraft undercarriages, hydraulic actuators, bearings, etc.

The innovative filtration system uses special high-pressure pumps made from titanium to agitate the plating solution more efficiently and force it through a series of novel, circulation enhancing valves and filters, which remove even the finest particles that are the main cause of quality problems in hard chrome plating. More efficient filtration also makes a significant environmental contribution by minimising effluent, which extends the life of the solution and reduces the environmental impact of chrome plating.

The system is said to also improve solution conductivity, which saves energy and increases processing speed. A reduction in the fume emissions caused by air bubbles bursting on the surface of the solution – a common problem associated with the more expensive and less efficient compressed air method of filtration – provides further environmental improvements.

Explaining the significance of the new process, Colin John says that visually all chrome looks the same, so the efficiency of the new Apticote 100 process allows customers with critical applications to specify hard chrome plating with confidence.

“Eliminating the pitting that is present on the surface of conventional hard chrome plating, coupled with the increased plating speed, make this new plant very cost effective, providing significant benefits for customers.” He says, adding that faster plating with improved pitting reductions at less cost makes the new Apticote 100 Chrome a double winner!”

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