New ecoceramic process will clean up

Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials

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(2004), "New ecoceramic process will clean up", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 51 No. 4.



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New ecoceramic process will clean up

New ecoceramic process will clean up

Keywords: Ecotech Industries, Surface treatment, Coatings, Environment

A highly effective and environmentally friendly substitute for a range of surface engineered processes, such as hard anodising, chrome and nickel plating and electroplating, is being introduced by UK-based company, Ecotech Industries.

The EcoCeramic process, which can be used to coat aluminium alloys and soon, following further development, titanium, uses a revolutionary power source and process tanks containing only environmentally friendly, non-toxic solutions. Surfaces treated by the EcoCeramic process offer substantial advantages over traditional anodising and coating processes, including the ability for the alloy to withstand higher operating temperatures. High corrosion resistance, a wear resistance greater than steel, as well as high surface hardness and a surface that is totally inert to other products, are among further benefits.

With environmental legislation increasingly impacting on UK surface engineering industries, introduction of the EcoCeramic coating process offers a viable alternative to conventional electroplating. At the same time, it brings the potential for many additional benefits to products and prospective users in a wide range of industries, particularly where lightweight but heat and corrosion resistant metal is in demand. Likewise, stainless steel is being widely used for its anti-corrosive property. It is also expensive to buy, to have machined and is a heavy material. An alternative is to use aluminium, which is machined and then coated with ceramic. This is not only a cheaper material, it is easily machined and much lighter with the benefits of an inert, hard, anti-corrosion surface that can also withstand abrasive/corrosive gases/liquids.

Operating costs for the new EcoCeramic process are comparable with hard anodising. The process plant itself has a low power consumption, eliminates effluent problems and meets with climate change levy requirements.

EcoTech Industries Ltd is already developing its EcoTech process for the benefit of customers in aerospace, automotive, petrochemical and electronic industries. The company also offers an Early Supplier Programme, which includes involvement of its engineers at the design stage in order to optimise cost reduction whilst encouraging faster launch to market times.

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