Zeiss dominates the scientist magazine awards

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Zeiss dominates the scientist magazine awards

Zeiss dominates the scientist magazine awards

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Two Carl Zeiss microscope systems have been acclaimed by “The Scientist” magazine in their Readers' Choice Awards 2003. For the second consecutive year, the LSM 510 META laser scanning microscope was voted the Best Scientific Instrument of the Year in the “over $100,000” category and the Axioplan 2 imaging fluorescence microscope won the “$20,000-100,000” category.

The LSM 510 META microscope has enjoyed notable success since its launch in 2002. In addition to the two Readers' Choice awards from The Scientist, it was voted one of the 100 most important worldwide technical products of 2002 by readers of R&D magazine and, in the same year, was awarded an Innovation Prize for Excellence by the German federal state of Thuringia. Carl Zeiss microscopy systems also received an R&D 100 Award last year for its ApoTome fluorescence microscope slider module.

The LSM 510 META microscope combines a new type of detector with computer-supported image analysis techniques to enable several components of biological specimens to be simultaneously displayed and reliably identified. This innovation allows previously unusable complex dye combinations to be used for specimen marking.

The Axioplan 2 imaging microscope is optimised for high contrast fluorescence observation and is especially suited for quick and easy fluorescent imaging in research and routine laboratories. Introduced 3 years back, it has rapidly become the microscope of choice in many genetic engineering and developmental biology laboratories worldwide.

“Every year The Scientist asks its 187,500 readers and 1 million registered Web site users to vote on the laboratory products that make a positive difference to their laboratory research,” says Aubrey Lambert, UK Marketing Manager. “Together with the R&D Awards, this dual award proves the high regard in which our microscopy products are held by scientists in biologial and medical research.”

The prizes from The Scientist were presented during the annual meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology in San Francisco on 15th December last year.

For further information, contact: Carl Zeiss Ltd, PO Box 78, Woodfield Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1LU, UK.

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