Coating inspection training courses available in self-study CD format

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Article publication date: 1 August 2000




(2000), "Coating inspection training courses available in self-study CD format", Anti-Corrosion Methods and Materials, Vol. 47 No. 4.



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Coating inspection training courses available in self-study CD format

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The NACE coating inspector program, developed by NACE International - is now available in an interactive compact disc format.

Produced in collaboration with International Protective Coatings, the self-study course is designed for project owners, contractors, specification writers, engineers, fabricators, blasters, coatings applicators, maintenance personnel, architects, and colleges. A free demo compact disc introducing the courses is available on request.

The move to put the learning material in a self-study compact disc format follows radical changes in the structure of the coatings industry itself.

According to NACE, traditionally, most training in protective coatings and linings has not been formalised and courses are not taught in depth in major colleges and universities. Instead, all aspects, from paint development and manufacture, surface preparation and application to writing specifications and inspection, have been taught by people within the industry to their colleagues and associates.

Paint companies have trained specialists through their development and quality labs, application companies have relied on practical experience, and inspectors have come from both these backgrounds. Engineers have become coatings specialists by virtue of practical exposure.

In the last few years, however, the pool of knowledge essential for this training system to be effective has considerably diminished. Consolidation of paint companies has greatly reduced the number of laboratories, fewer people are employed in the application sector and downsizing by major corporations and engineering companies has reduced the practical learning opportunities for engineers.

As a result, the coatings industry as a whole faces major challenges in ensuring adequate training in all aspects of the business right across its user and customer base.

Major advances in personal computers, alongside the increasing popularity of flexible distance learning, means that this information gap can be tackled using the latest interactive technology. Users of compact disc training packages can assess their progress and prepare for formal qualification certification at their own pace.

Eventually, there will be two sets of compact discs that contain much of the technical training material currently presented in NACE's classroom courses. After completing the Session I program, students will be able to attend a NACE short course to complete their training and execute a written and practical examination.

"The NACE coating inspector program is recognised worldwide throughout the coatings industry", explained Lee Bone, President of NACE International (Piano, Texas, USA). "Anyone gaining the NACE certification is recognised as an expert in protective coatings and linings inspection. By developing a self-study compact disc program that operates parallel with our classroom instruction, NACE's training will become more accessible to a much wider group of people, everywhere in the world. Ultimately it will help to raise inspection standards in the coatings industry as a whole."

International Protective Coatings is part of Akzo Nobel, with factories in 21 countries and offices in 60. "International faces the same problems as other industrial companies operating in the global market - how to promote common standards in the understanding, specification and application of coatings around the world", added Leif Darner, chief executive of International Protective Coatings (London, UK). "Continuous training is essential as the technology continues to develop. We recognise the NACE courses as the most widely respected and used around the world and decided to use it to train our own staff.

"The logistics were immense, with hundreds of people from 26 countries and 14 languages, it became obvious that week-long classroom training was impractical. This was when we decided to develop a self-study training package with NACE. The idea was so successful, both organisations have agreed that it should be available to everybody."

The compact disc set is now available. It costs $390 complete, with discounts for multiple purchasers and NACE members. The second part of the course containing the classroom materials from Sessions II and III will be available next year. Future editions of the NACE Coating Inspector Program on compact disc will be produced in Spanish, French, German and Chinese.

To obtain NACE recognition after following the self-study program, candidates will be required to successfully complete a special short course and written and practical exams in person.

For a free demo copy of the NACE Coating Inspector Program on compact disc, contact International Protective Coatings at Tel: +44 171 479 6000; Fax: +44 171 479 6555; E-mail: Or, contact NACE Membership Services: Tel: +1 281/228-6223; Fax: +1 281/228-6329; E-mail:

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