Mclennan expand range of high-precision linear position encoders with new miniature series

Assembly Automation

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Article publication date: 31 July 2009



(2009), "Mclennan expand range of high-precision linear position encoders with new miniature series", Assembly Automation, Vol. 29 No. 3.



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Mclennan expand range of high-precision linear position encoders with new miniature series

Article Type: New products From: Assembly Automation, Volume 29, Issue 3

Mclennan Servo Supplies has added a new range of miniature linear incremental encoders for space-restricted applications. With a selection of accuracy classes to ±1 μm, and with resolution from 0.05 to 5.0 μm, the LIK 41 range features a finger-tip sized optical scanning head and is available with a choice of 8 mm wide self-adhesive graduated steel tape scales based upon NUMERIK’s SINGLEFLEX and DOUBLEFLEX standard with measuring lengths up to 1,000 mm. A glass substrate scale version is also available for measuring lengths to 100 mm.

The LIK 41 series scanning head measures 24 mm long × 11 mm wide × 6 mm deep and has a mass of just 3.0 g. An integral 3.7 mm diameter cable, up to 3 m long, is terminated in a 15-pin D-sub connector that includes all signal processing and interpolation electronics using the standard RS 422, 1Vpp format. A choice of sinusoidal or square wave signal output with up to 100x interpolation is available. Maximum scanning frequency is 500 kHz with an operational temperature range of 0 to +55°C.

NUMERIK graduated scale steel tapes have a durable polished finished that is resilient to abrasion and corrosion and are easily assembled to customers’ equipment using simple but effective self-adhesive fixing. SINGLEFLEX versions are used for measurements where the machine element has a coefficient of expansion equal to steel. For fixing to materials, the DOUBLEFLEX version includes a second steel strip with flexible layer of adhesive material sandwiched between. The intermediate layer forms a stable bond and allows differential expansion to take place without affecting the measuring standard. Both types of tape can include reference marks for machine datum and homing. The single tape version can attain ±1.0 μm accuracy grades and the double version from ±2 μm – the lowest accuracy class is ±5 μm.

Mclennan covers the full range of NUMERIK linear and rotary encoders which are available in kit form, as separate reading head and scale versions or as completely sealed, self-contained measuring systems suited to harsh environmental conditions. Across the range of linear encoders, measuring ranges up to 10 m are available with best accuracy grade to ±1.0 μm and resolution to 0.05 μm. Rotary encoders include optical grating disks in diameters up to 210 mm with separate reading heads offering extremely high levels of angular accuracy with high repeatability.

NUMERIK encoders are found in high-precision measurement and position feedback applications across automation technology, robotics, metrology, and motion control. Mclennan Servo Supplies, the Surrey-based designer, motion component distributor and manufacturer of mechatronics solutions provide complete sales and support for the range (Figure 1).

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