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Article publication date: 18 April 2008



(2008), "Web sites", Assembly Automation, Vol. 28 No. 2. https://doi.org/10.1108/aa.2008.03328bag.001



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Web sites

Article Type: Web sites From: Assembly Automation, Volume 28, Issue 2.

Bodine Assembly and test systems


This is the company web site for Bodine Assembly and Test Systems. Bodine specialises in automated assembly technology. They design and build a wide variety of automated assembly solutions ranging from semi-manual pilot tooling platforms to highly complex turnkey assembly and test solutions.

The web site contains full product lists with a specification overview for each; it also offers basic product images. The web site includes downloadable maintenance manuals and service requests. The site also details Bodine's upcoming tradeshow and seminar schedule.

Swanson Systems, Inc


This is the company web site for Swanson Systems, a company which develops advanced manufacturing, production, processing, and assembly machine design.

There are product images for each of their catalogue, with a basic overview of specification. The web site does include animated PowerPoint presentations which give further details about product types and applications. The web site itself is dated looking, without a great deal of information on their product portfolio.

Visumatic Industrial Products


This is the company web site for Visumatic Industrial Products, a company that designs and builds automatic screw-feeding and driving automated assembly machines. The company develops component systems; modular building blocks for customers who are building a semi or fully- automatic assembly process.

This modern-looking web site contains good product details an array of possible applications. Alongside detailed product specifications, are good quality product images. Specification sheets and product brochures are available for download. Product photos, video and CAD drawings are, unfortunately, restricted client access only.



This is the corporate web site for Shuttleworth, manufacturers of accumulating conveyor systems and reconfigurable, modular assembly test solutions. Shuttleworth develop conveyor system that can accumulate, flip, stack, rotate, push, divert or index products between manufacturing processes.

This web site includes a wealth of information for the visitor, including an overview of suggested industries and applications for their products. Users can also watch products in action using online flash videos. For further details about company activities, visitors can access latest company news and press releases, as well as checking dates for upcoming trade shows. The site is relatively easy to navigate, and utilises a modern, clean design.



This is the corporate web site for Intermas, a company which develops manufacturing and marketing modular assembly systems. Currently Intermas offers a range of more than 10,000 separate components including electronic enclosures, electronic subracks, RFI shielding, cable housings, interface housings, cassettes, CPCI, and IEEE, along with a full line of accessories and hardware.

The web site only hosts simple product information, however greater information on their portfolio can be obtained via downloadable PDFs, which also offer more images.

This is a very basic and dated looking web site, with only rudimentary information for web visitors.



This is the company web site for Pro- Mation. The company develops modular assembly work cells to create a continuous process flow for building or assembling products. The specialises in motion control and vision guided solutions, using multi-axis Scara or Cartesian robots with a view to creating efficient and robust solutions. These robots may be created for vision guided pick and place, orientation validation, tray load and unload, glue dispense, product flip or re-orientate, probe test, soldering, amongst other uses.

The web site is user-friendly and easy to navigate and contains good product information, including full specifications and basic images. MPEG video clips showing the products in action can be downloaded to your desktop. The site however is very dated looking and uninspiring.

Work Smart Systems


This is the web site for the company Work Smart Systems. They develop integrated assembly systems to provide lean manufacturing flexibility.

The web site carries a clean and clear design, making it easy to navigate their product catalogue. Users can access numerous product images, including small flash images of the product in action. There is an overview of each product, but without any detailed specifications.

Modular Automation


This is the company web site for Modular Automation, a company which specialises in the modular assembly automation industry. The company has experience building assembly and test machines in numerous industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electrical assemblies and automotive.

This web site is basic with no great detail of products, concentrating primarily on an overview of the company's capabilities. The site includes the latest news, as well as upcoming company events. The site is attractive and modern, with easy user navigation.

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