Off the shelf assembly cell from Modular Automation International

Assembly Automation

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(2008), "Off the shelf assembly cell from Modular Automation International", Assembly Automation, Vol. 28 No. 2.



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Off the shelf assembly cell from Modular Automation International

Article Type: New products From: Assembly Automation, Volume 28, Issue 2.

Fast lead times, reduced cost and increased reliability are just some of the benefits users can expect from the modular assembly cell (MAC) from Modular Automation International (Figure 2). The MAC is a revolutionary design of cam operated assembly system that provides users in a wide range of industries with a simple, reliable, inexpensive assembly cell for a variety of applications: off the shelf.

Figure 2 The MAC from Modular Automation International

The MAC is operated by two cams that, with the addition of feed systems, grippers, sensors, and appropriate tooling, can be configured to assemble a diverse range of products. As the basic unit is available from stock, Modular Automation can customise the MAC to any customer's specification within a few weeks.

Modular Automation's engineers have standardised the MAC to use as many common components as possible. This reduces the investment cost, the cost of maintenance, and ensures the most reliable system possible. For example, the MAC uses a standard rotary table with up to 12 index stations that can be tooled as required with pick and place units, sensors, etc. it comes pre-wired with Bus connections to eliminate costly wiring on site and reduce the opportunities for faults; it is PC controlled, not PLC, so it can be easily integrated into any manufacturing process; and the standard Windows™ touch-screen control panel swings out for easy access even in confined spaces.

Working from this standard base, Modular Automation has the ability to configure the MAC for most assembly operations with the minimum of lead time and fast, trouble-fee commissioning.

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