New manufacturing cell uses TOX fastening for speed and flexibility

Assembly Automation

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Publication date: 22 February 2008



(2008), "New manufacturing cell uses TOX fastening for speed and flexibility", Assembly Automation, Vol. 28 No. 1.

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New manufacturing cell uses TOX fastening for speed and flexibility

New manufacturing cell uses TOX fastening for speed and flexibility

Modular Automation has supplied Bisley Office Furniture with a new manufacturing system to assemble desk drawers.

The manufacturing cell operates on a four station rotary table and begins with a manual load of the drawer parts. The table then indexes round to a TOX fastening system (Figure 5) to clinch the components together before indexing again to a second TOX system handled by a six-axis ABB robot completing the remaining clinching operations.

Figure 5 TOX fastening for speed and flexibility

The TOX fastening unit utilizes “air over oil intensifier” technology, a system that allows flexible pneumatic hoses to deliver compressed air to power the hydraulic clinching tool. This technique increases reliability by eliminating the possibility of heavy hydraulic hoses being subjected to complex twisting motions of the robot arm. A simple pick and place unit then moves the completed assembly to a conveyor for off load.

TOX is a patented method of clinch sheet metal fastening. It provides a strong fixing without the use of consumables, making it less expensive and faster to manufacture high-quality products. Sensors signal all parts are correctly in place before the assembly operation starts.

The whole process is automatic, excepting the initial load. This allows the system to be reprogrammed quickly by the customer to accommodate different varieties of drawer in the future.

Modular Automation supplies a range of bespoke and standard products, including the advanced Easy-link conveyor and the new modular assembly cell (MAC) all purpose assembly machines for use throughout the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical and food and drink manufacturing sectors.

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