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Web sites

Micro assembly+high speed assembly


This has a series of engineering articles written “by Engineers for Engineers”. Once registered which is a really easy and free process, you can access all the content on the web site. The engineering news is broken down into useful subcategories, design, process, electronics, chemical, energy and rail. When using the search facility many recently written articles were returned for a search for “high speed production”. The advertising on this site is unobtrusive and does not interfere with your exploration. There are also free magazines available to subscribe to depending on your area of engineering.


IMS designs and builds production and test equipment for the high precision, electronic and medical industry, specializing in micro assembly and testing. Their web site contains details about their range of products for high accuracy operations like:

  • micro laser welding;

  • micro dispensing;

  • micro handling;

  • vision control; and

  • vision feeding.

Their vision feeder system is suitable for automatic, flexible feeding of micro parts.


ATS Automation has a good web site containing case studies, press releases and some videos of their installations. Their section on their ultra-high precision automation is most relevant to this issue of Assembly Automation. Case studies include their totally automated manufacture of silicon wafers, technical data sheets are also available to download. This is a well- organised web site and interesting to visit.


MicroAssembly Technologies Inc. provides RF MEMS components and wafer-scale hermetic packaging services to wireless and MEMS companies. Their web site is basic and does not contain much information but some of the images and possibly the job section may be of interest to Assembly Automation readers.


The Nano Science and Technology Institute (NSTI) are chartered with the “promotion and integration of nano and other advanced technologies through education, technology and business development. NSTI accomplishes this mission through its offerings of membership services, continuing education programs, scientific and business publishing and community outreach”.

There is plenty of content on this site and include details about courses and events. CDs and hard copies of conference proceedings are available to purchase in the publication section, it is a shame that individual sections or papers are not available to purchase separately but the contents and paper/ author details of each section are available to be viewed prior to purchase.

Nano press releases are compiled for each section under the name NanoPRwiree this is vast and updated frequently and well worth signing up to for up to date news in this sector. The job section will possibly be of interest to some Assembly Automation readers with details of international jobs available. Overall this web site is well worth visiting for those interested in nanotechnology.

Jessica Mytum-Smithson

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