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Internet page

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Lean Machine is a modular software package that provides organisations with a low cost, risk-free plant monitoring solution that is specialised towards improving production efficiency. Employees can obtain accurate, reliable data in a managed environment through their Web browsers. It is simple to use and provides data capture, storage, reporting and analysis tools for improving production efficiency, and is fully configurable and provides a centralised, managed plant historian solution for all plant monitoring functions.

A simple, but well presented Web site. Insight

Founded in 1992, Direct Insight bring together suppliers who do not have local sales, marketing and support resources and European customers who may benefit from the suppliers' technologies and products. They also integrate multiple products to provide a complete solution, and provide support, training and consultancy.

http://www.softwarereality.comSoftware Reality

The Software Reality Web site showcases lively articles and debates about Software Development. It incorporates constructive criticism with light- hearted humour on various key areas of software development.

Although this site may come across as being a little bit strange it does provide an interesting look at software and its related industries. One good example of this is: “Outsourcing: Will the Internet Eat Itself?” which includes the vacuum cleaner monster from the Beatles film “Yellow Submarine”.

This is the homepage of Dr C. Jack Feng, a Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at Bradley University. It presents research into Internet-based reverse engineering and Internet-based machine fault diagnostics, and predictive process engineering. Predictive process engineering can be considered as a part of the new manufacturing paradigm of virtual manufacturing with virtual reality as one of its critical techniques. The virtual manufacturing research at Bradley University is based on computational manufacturing with no graphical animation, and computational intelligence or data mining applied to modelling, simulation and optimisation of manufacturing processes and systems.

This is an informative site which contains plenty of links to other relevant sites.


Founded in January 2002, KeepMediae is a subscription-based premium content service, delivering current and archived papers from over 140 popular magazines and newspapers in one convenient location. Paper

This page is from the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada. It includes a copy of a research paper “Recent Research on Developing Web-based Manufacturing Systems: A Review” written by Yang, H. and Xue, D., and published in the International Journal of Production Research, 2003, Vol. 41 No. 15, pp. 3601-29.

It provides a comprehensive review of recent research on developing Web-based manufacturing systems, including collaboration among product development partners, data modelling, system architecture design, and security management. It also discusses the various approaches of developing Web-based manufacturing systems and how they can improve the efficiency and quality in product design, production, life cycle integration, enterprise management and customer service.

http://www.impas.netIndustrial Modular Piping Assembly Systems

Industrial modular piping assembly systems (IMPAS) provides quality piping systems and is part of the Willemsen Holding group. Apart from supplying precision piping, their main activities are: CNC pipe bending, pipe swaging, and module construction.

Overall, this is a well presented site that is available in English, Dutch and German.

HOT SITE A Network Manufacturing Service

This site presents the CyberCut project, a networked manufacturing service for design and fabrication on the Internet. The project is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and organised by the Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory at the University of Berkley. Since May 1997, CyberCut has focused on a rapid prototyping service using three-axis CNC machining. Parts can be made from many materials including high strength alloys, with the ± 0.001-0.002 in. (0.05 mm) tolerances and good surface finishes made possible by machining. In particular, aluminium injection molds can be made on CyberCut. Their WebCAD design tool uses Javae to incorporate manufacturability rules for machining, and must be used to reliably guide the emerging design to the targeted downstream machining process.

The site includes a picture gallery illustrating the components that can be made with CyberCut, plenty of research information, and a design section including parts checklist and WebCAD.

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