Advanced industrial modem has extensive functionality

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(2004), "Advanced industrial modem has extensive functionality", Assembly Automation, Vol. 24 No. 3.



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Advanced industrial modem has extensive functionality

Advanced industrial modem has extensive functionality

PSTN fallback function, dialback security, remote configuration

Keywords: Modems

Westermo Data Communications have released a new top of the range industrial modem that is designed for use in high noise and extreme temperature environments, includes all the very latest advanced features and is aimed at customer specific and difficult configuration applications (Plate 3).

Plate 3 Westermo TD-34 industrial modem, designed for use in high noise and extreme temperature environments

The TD-34 is a V.34 analogue modem supporting line speeds of up to 33.6 kbit/s – the fastest analogue-to-analogue modulation possible. With a terminal data speed of 115.2 kbit/s the modem can be used for high-data-rate applications. It can be used on a standard Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or leased lines consisting of two or four wires for line connection.

Unlike traditional modems the TD-34 has two alarm contacts – both input and output. This Opto-isolated interface can be used to dial a pre- configured number based on an alarm input. The input can also be pulsed and depending on the number of pulses received a number of different things can happen. Up to ten different functions can be programmed and more than one event can be triggered by a single input, these events include sending a text string, SMS or e-mail message. It is also possible to make the modem perform basic I/O functions such as to send a simple switch function over the link to turn power on and off at a remote site. The input at the remote site could also be linked to the output at the local site and provide an indication of the status at the remote site.

The TD-34 offers remote configuration and maintenance. It has a special dialback security function, which prevents unauthorised access and ensures that the data are secure. A “Fallback” mode is supported when using leased lines. This means that in the event of a line failure a PSTN connection is negotiated and then periodically the leased line is checked until connection can be re-established.

The TD-34 has as standard both RS-232 and RS-422/485 ports although only one can be used at any time. There are two variants of the TD-34 for different power supplies, the LV (12-54VDC, 12-27 VAC) and HV (95-240VAC 110-240 VDC).

As with all Westermo industrial products the TD-34 has galvanic isolation, transient protection and 35mm DIN-rail housing making the modem suitable for true industrial applications. The modem is suitable for use at extreme temperature ranges (−40 to + 70°C) and can be used to altitudes of 4,000 m.

With the difficult and complex configurations in mind for the TD-34 Westermo have also produced the TD-tool, an easy-to-use configuration tool for setting up the range of different alarm I/O available.

For further information, contact: Sales Department, Westermo Data Communications Ltd, Unit 14, Talisman Business Centre, Duncan Rood, Park Gate, Southampton. SO31 7GA. Tel: 01489 580585; E-mail:

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