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Internet page

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http://www.darkfield.comDark Field Technologies

Dark Field Technologies specialises in the application of laser and CCD camera technologies for 100 per cent on-line, real-time, automatic inspection of flat homogeneous products for visual defects. They have installed over 600 systems and are operating worldwide in the display, photosensitive, glass, metals, coated paper and plastic film industries.

This is a really good Web site containing Flash animations, inspection tutorials, system and product technologies.

WAY-2C is a powerful machine vision software system designed as a reliable cost-effective alternative to human labour in tedious colour-based tasks inspection such as, process control, image interpretation, measurement, sorting, and bar-coding. It uses a patented classification method which is uniquely suited to take advantage of the colour properties of objects. Images can be acquired from disk files or video sources such as camera, TV or VCR. WAY-2C can be quickly trained by using an example to classify objects on the basis of their colour distributions and can then be placed in automatic or semi-automatic mode to perform the required task with little or no operator intervention. WAY-2C can be interfaced to databases and networks, and controlled by remote computers. An easy to learn script language facilitates more complex inspection procedures.

This is an informative site that contains plenty of information about the software, application data, and research papers. Unfortunately, its poor presentation lets it down. Corporation

Cognex is a leading supplier of machine vision systems, having over 175,000 vision systems installed worldwide. Founded in 1981, they have acquired more than 133 patents, with over 140 US and international patents pending, and a revenue of $141 million in 2001. Cognex's vision systems can automatically identify products, inspect for defects, gauge part dimensions, and guide robotic equipment.

This is a superb site, which is well worth visiting. Incorporated

Automated Incorporated supplies integration services and custom automated machinery to the automotive, cosmetics, building materials, pharmaceutical and food industries. Their products include robots, vision systems, laser measurement devices, servo systems, PLC and PC control systems, and touch screen interfaces.

This site is very disappointing, containing limited information about their capabilities., Inc.

AutoVision develops automated imaging and precision colour measurement systems for manufacturing control and assembly line inspection. Their products include video inspection systems and workstations, part and colour profilers, metal classification systems, wafer probe analysis, hyper-spectral imaging systems, auto-focussing inspection systems, and high speed and high resolution camera imaging systems.

This is a well presented site that provides product information, details of projects, and an introduction to machine vision.

http://www.sibosprime.comSibos Prime, Inc.

Sibos Prime is a member of the Komax Group and was established in 1987 as Prime Automation. They supply advanced automation assembly, material handling and inspection systems and can provide complete turnkey installation with training and follow-up service and support.

This site contains a nice Flash introduction and is extremely well presented. Unfortunately, it lacks content.

http://www.cyberoptics.comCyberOptics Corporation

CyberOptics manufactures sensors and inspection systems for printed circuit board assembly, sensors for semiconductor wafer fabrication, and frame grabbers.

This is another site that is well presented and definitely worth visiting.

Hot sites and Control Institute

The Automation and Control Institute (ACIN) is a part of the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. ACIN works in special fields of production research and on the development of new control and management techniques and utilises interdisciplinary teams working with other academic institutions and industry. They are also supported by the Austrian Science Foundation and the Austrian Industry Foundation. ACIN's research activities include: systems engineering, advanced sensorics, robotics and assembly technologies; intelligent manufacturing and systems design; dynamic product development; and management and organisation techniques.

This is an excellent academic site that includes software and journal downloads, publications, research activities, and links to other sites. Vision Systems, Inc.

Established in 1976, it was not until the early 1990s that Robotic Vision Systems, Inc. began to turn its expertise in computer-guided lasers to the task of inspecting the leads on semiconductor packages. They design, manufacture, and sell products and systems that automate the inspection of semiconductors and semiconductor packages; transfer semiconductor packages from inspection trays to output media such as tape reels; provide machine-vision-based quality assurance inspection; and provide specialty lighting for machine vision applications.

This is an immense Web site, containing the corporate history, a good introduction to machine vision, product information and much more.

Jon Rigelsford

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