Simple and flexible universal safety relay

Assembly Automation

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(2003), "Simple and flexible universal safety relay", Assembly Automation, Vol. 23 No. 3.



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Simple and flexible universal safety relay

Simple and flexible universal safety relay

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Smartscan Limited is delighted to announce the launch of a range of High Integrity Safety Controllers, the missing link between a safety relay and safety PLC; it allows full configuration using low cost pre-programmed memory modules. Capable of emulating any conventional safety relay, it can also, depending on the model, replace up to 48 standard relays and 32 timers (Plate 10).

There are three High Integrity Safety Controllers in the range, each offering a differing number of inputs and outputs. The inputs and outputs can be used singularly or can be paired to allow cross monitoring, providing safety integrity up to a level of EN954-1 1994 category 4.

Plate 10

The High Integrity Safety Controller can be configured to perform functions as required – thus providing almost infinite flexibility and an interchangeable solution for both smaller machines and larger systems. This is done without discarding or changing the relay itself, but by changing the memory module, so providing maximum flexibility for the customer.

A standard range of pre-programmed memory modules are available off the shelf to satisfy the majority of safety relay functions, but where more complex or customised solutions are appropriate, the customer can program the modules themselves. Using Smartgram, a PC-based Windows® software solution, a graphical "system" can be produced using industry standard ladder logic. This is then "burnt" onto the memory module.

Depending on the model used, complex functions such as press control, muting, two-hand control, speed measuring, counters and serial output for annunciators are available. These are called up through Smartgram as predefined routines within the ladder logic.

For further information, contact: Smartscan Ltd-Machinery Safety Systems, UK. Tel: 01536-401313; E-mail:

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