Controlling tractive force

Assembly Automation

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Hollingum, J. (2000), "Controlling tractive force", Assembly Automation, Vol. 20 No. 3.



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Controlling tractive force

Controlling tractive force

Keywords: AGV, Drives, Design

Applicant: Aichi Mach. Ind. Co. LtdPatent number: JP11240446Publication date: 7 September 1999Title: Automated guided vehicle

A pair of left and right swivel wheels capable of rotating to the left and right are provided at a front end portion and a pair of left and right fixed wheels are provided at a rear end portion, respectively, at a lower side of a bogey. Drive units on front and back are disposed along a centreline of the bogey. A rear drive unit is disposed at a centre point between the fixed wheels. Further, a sensor for detecting a guide line is disposed at a front end of the front drive unit, and a revolution speed of left and right drive wheels of the front drive unit is changed according to the output from the sensor. Because the drive wheels of the rear drive unit rotate at a uniform speed even when the revolution speed of the drive wheels changes, change in the tractive force of the front drive unit is reduced. Also, the tractive force of the drive unit is equal on the left and right sides.

Jack Hollingum

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