Gearmotor options increase torque of Unimotor

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(2000), "Gearmotor options increase torque of Unimotor", Assembly Automation, Vol. 20 No. 2.



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Gearmotor options increase torque of Unimotor

Gearmotor options increase torque of Unimotor

Keywords: Control techniques, Torque

Following the successful launch of its Unimotor brushless A.C. servo motors, Control Techniques Dynamics has announced the addition of gearmotors to the range, using low backlash planetary gearboxes.

Gearmotors have been introduced to satisfy demands for higher torque levels without sacrificing positioning accuracy. They provide a cost effective method of extending motor rated torque within a range of applications such as robotics, machine tools, packaging machines, printing presses and other highly dynamic positioning and automated operations (see Plate 6).

The simple, compact design makes Unimotor gearmotors particularly suitable for drive systems with high standards of precision and reliability. Their low, consistent backlash and high torsional rigidity provide excellent positioning accuracy. Minimal energy loss in dynamic applications is obtained from the gearmotors' high efficiency and low moment of inertia.

Plate 6Control Techniques Dynamics' low backlash planetary gearmotors provide a cost effective way of extending motor torque with a wide range of positioning and automated operations

Unimotor gearmotors may be mounted in any orientation and are available with single or double stage gearbox options. The gearboxes, offering gear ratios of between 4 and 100, are matched to Unimotors providing excellent thermal performance and a long service life. Precision manufacturing provides for greater efficiency and quiet operation. The bearing construction allows high loads on the output shaft and this, combined with the high duty gearing, enables repeated emergency stopping.

Unimotor brushless servo gearmotors are available with motor speeds of 3,000rpm for frame sizes 75 to 142mm and 2,000rpm for frame size 190mm. Their excellent thermal performance is achieved by the Unimotor's unique "finned" housing, designed to radiate and convect heat. The motors are three phase, six or eight pole, synchronous motors, exhibiting a sinusoidal back EMF characteristic. They supply high torque with minimal cogging torque in a choice of low or high rotor inertia.

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