New low-cost 3D viewer cuts product design review time for manufacturing industry

Assembly Automation

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Article publication date: 1 March 1999




(1999), "New low-cost 3D viewer cuts product design review time for manufacturing industry", Assembly Automation, Vol. 19 No. 1.



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New low-cost 3D viewer cuts product design review time for manufacturing industry

New low-cost 3D viewer cuts product design review time for manufacturing industry

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[PS-ENGINE]-Review is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use viewer for all types of 3D CAD data. Its low cost, use of the familiar Windows NT/PC platform and ease of use make it ideal for implementation on a network, permitting a variety of non-CAD users within a manufacturing organisation to comment simultaneously on design issues by reviewing a solid 3D model on their own PC (see Plate 3).

A stand-alone module within Prosolvia's Digital Plant Technology concept, [PSENGINE]-Review enables faster, more effective communication between the various departments involved in product development ­ typically, design, production engineering, quality control, purchasing and management. It provides the design team with immediate feedback via the mark-up functions built into the package. The product can be used to study and evaluate 3D data ranging from product, machinery, through a production line to a complete manufacturing plant.

Plate 3Digital Plant Technology enables the creation of a fully operational 3D digital plant that mirrors links to the real plant

"For many, it is difficult to mentally visualise a new product solely from a 2D blueprint", says Jonas Anselmby, product manager of Prosolvia. "With this application, however, they see a solid, functional 3D model. This speeds up communication concerning the new design between departments and so results in quicker time-to-market.

"Another advantage is that the program utilises the 3D model in its original format. This makes analyses and the measurements taken from within the model absolutely reliable ­ which is of major importance in the field of design. "Other advantages are increased awareness across an organisation earlier on in a project, faster decision making, shorter lead times and reduced development cost."

[PS-ENGINE]-Review provides 3D visualisation of all types of CAD data and interfaces with most CAD systems on the market, including AutoCad, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer and Catia. It supports import and export of the common neutral formats, including Iges, DXF, SEP, SAT and Robface. It enables multiple parts of an assembly to be viewed as one, even if created within different CAD systems.

The user can navigate, zoom, pan and rotate the view within the graphics window to study the product from the required viewpoint. Several windows can be opened simultaneously to display the model simultaneously from different viewpoints. All manner of measurements can be made within the model. There is also an associated browser window, which provides a hierarchical parts tree, which highlights the name of the part being viewed.

In summary, [PS-ENGINE]-Review reduces the need for additional CAD workstations. It requires no previous CAD experience and can be implemented at low cost across an entire organisation, with clearly understandable 3D models immediately available in relevant departments.

Prosolvia AB is an international high-technology group headquartered in Sweden, specialising in interactive simulation products and consultancy for industry, commerce and healthcare. The company has facilities in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, USA and the UK.

For further information, please contact: Cecilia Gustavsson, Marketing Director, Prosolvia AB, Sweden. Tel.+46 31 703 5233; Fax.+46 31 703 5230.

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