New version of RSTune provides fast tuning for PID controllers

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(1999), "New version of RSTune provides fast tuning for PID controllers", Assembly Automation, Vol. 19 No. 1.



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New version of RSTune provides fast tuning for PID controllers

New version of RSTune provides fast tuning for PID controllers

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Rockwell Automation announces the 32-bit version of RSTune, from Rockwell Software, a software productivity tool for tuning PID loop controllers on Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and PLC 5 programmable controllers. RSTune now supports both 16 and 32-bit operating systems (see Plate 9).

PID controllers are a vital component in many continuous processes and a key to improved process performance. Tighter control is required to improve product quality, increase efficiency and reduce waste materials.

Plate 9 New version of RSTune provides fast tuning for PID controllers

These controllers require complex mathematical functions to be set up and if the system values are not accurate, hours can be lost in trial and error. Furthermore, processes such as plastic extrusion may use large numbers of PID loop controllers. The cost to set these up can be considerable, in addition to the cost of personnel, production can be lost and raw materials wasted ­ adding up to thousands of pounds.

Rockwell Automation's RSTune with advanced PID algorithms and "auto tune" option, allows users to tune PID loops in minutes, saving precious production time and materials.

RSTune also enables users to set up and analyse PID data without interrupting manufacturing. Online PID loop data can be collected for later analysis, PID parameters can then be identified and tested, without being connected to the loop.

RSTune provides help for users who need to log process set-up data for quality assurance purposes or for support documentation. The Windows-based RSTune provides an easy to use "loop" report that can import PID information into a Word document. In addition to the basic PID parameters, the report includes loop configuration, loop notes, current tuning parameters, PID tuning grid window and time data window. Users can also add process model, frequency response, robustness plot, simulation and hysteresis analysis sections.

For applications with large numbers of PID controllers, users can run multiple, independent instances of RSTune to provide consistent set-up, control and support for all PID controllers. Software costs are reduced and process quality is maintained.

The 32-bit version supports RSLinx32, Rockwell's 32-bit communications software. With RSLinx, users can improve personnel and plant productivity by setting up and modifying PID parameters locally or remotely using standard Microsoft interconnectivity tools such as OPC.

RSTune supports Windows 95, or WindowsNT (version 3.51 or later).

RSTune offers users a single tool for maintaining PID loop controllers effectively. Not only is set up time reduced, but valuable system information can also be provided to ensure plant productivity and quality.

For further information contact: Rockwell Automation Ltd, Pitfield, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes MK11 3DR. Tel: +44 (0) 1908 838800; Fax: +44 (0) 1908 261917.

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