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Programs, Workshops, Resources, and Other Supports for Post-Secondary Sustainability Educators

Integrating Sustainable Development into the Curriculum

ISBN: 978-1-78769-942-7, eISBN: 978-1-78769-941-0

Publication date: 18 March 2020


There is a growing need to train and support educators to introduce or enhance aspects of sustainability into post-secondary curriculum. The authors provide an overview of integration of curricular sustainability development and education as well as related institutional leadership at the post-secondary level. Turning to educational development for sustainability education, the authors share tools and resources to support educators from any discipline, to introduce, integrate, and/or enhance sustainability in their course, program, or initiative. The authors found very few examples of workshops to post-secondary teachers. For one such example, the Sustainability Education Intensive, a three-day workshop that the authors designed and led at the University of British Columbia. The authors summarize the workshop aspects that two years of participants found helpful, and how workshop involvement affected them as sustainability educators. The authors encourage post-secondary institutions to provide support in the form of workshops, resources, and funding to help educators introduce or enhance aspects of sustainability into their courses and programs. Students are asking for this, and, as they are future leaders, it is important that educators address the numerous environmental, social and economic issues that demand attention.




We are grateful for financial support of the 2009 SEI from the Sustainability Office and the then-named Centre for Teaching and Academic Growth at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Funding for the 2010 SEI came from the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund made possible by UBC students.

We are grateful to the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education for funding two projects. In 2012, Resource Repository for Sustainability Education and Leadership was granted to Cassidy, hiring Braydon Walker when a third year undergraduate student, Engineering, Carleton University and Sipos when a graduate student at UBC. In 2015, Best Practice Cases of Education for Sustainability in Educational Development was granted to Vivian Neal, Simon Fraser University (SFU); Sandra Neill, George Brown College; and Cassidy (UBC), hiring Research Assistant Kar-Bo Ng when an undergraduate student at UBC, work-study students Laura Guevara and Junone Kang, and videographer Duane Woods at SFU.

Thanks to EDC colleagues who responded to our listserv request for additional examples: Carolyn Ives, Thompson Rivers University; Nicholas Gadea and Lianne Fisher, Brock University; Vivian Forssman, Royal Roads University; and Milt McClaren and David Zandvliet, SFU.


Cassidy, A., Sipos, Y. and Nyrose, S. (2020), "Programs, Workshops, Resources, and Other Supports for Post-Secondary Sustainability Educators", Sengupta, E., Blessinger, P. and Yamin, T.S. (Ed.) Integrating Sustainable Development into the Curriculum (Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, Vol. 18), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 75-89.



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