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Chapter 11 Difficult Victims: Perceptions of Nigerian Victims of Trafficking in Norway

Transnational Migration, Gender and Rights

ISBN: 978-1-78052-202-9, eISBN: 978-1-78052-203-6

ISSN: 2041-806X

Publication date: 6 March 2012


An ideal victim is someone who is both weak and strong enough (Christie, 1986). To be seen as an ideal victim one should be vulnerable, weak and not to blame for the crime one has been subjected to. But, in order to be seen, heard and believed one must also be strong, resourceful and confident. This chapter discusses the conflicting perceptions between the weak and the strong victim in light of one particular group of victims, Nigerian women subjected to trafficking for prostitution. What types of expectations do these women meet when identified as victims of trafficking in Norway? Do the Nigerian women live up to the image of the ideal victim? Or do they have to adjust their behaviour in order to enter this role and be entitled to help and assistance? The answers to these questions tell us whether existing trafficking measures are based on the real needs of victims of trafficking, or an idealised image of their problems and needs.


Estdahl Stuestøl, J. (2012), "Chapter 11 Difficult Victims: Perceptions of Nigerian Victims of Trafficking in Norway", Aslaug Sollund, R. (Ed.) Transnational Migration, Gender and Rights (Advances in Ecopolitics, Vol. 10), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 229-252.



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