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“Who Wants to Be a Teacher in the Face of These Anti-queer Laws?” Burnout Perspective From a Gay Educator

Michael D. Bartone (Central Connecticut State University, USA)

Drawn to the Flame

ISBN: 978-1-80382-416-1, eISBN: 978-1-80382-415-4

Publication date: 24 October 2023


A war still rages in the United States. This is a war with many different battles – one such battle being against queer teachers and students, as well as teachers and administrators who support queer youth and teachers in their schools. While this battle may look new in the social media landscape that is 2022 (TikTok and YouTube videos and anyone with the slightest thought, even if based on someone else's, a regurgitated idea and old tropes, is posting to social media as if they are saying something new and profound, yet is old tried and filled with hate), it is almost the same old battle where queer and LGBTQ2+ are used interchangeably. Queer folks are the ones being sacrificed to save the nation from spiraling into the abyss of debauchery and chaos of a lost moral compass (Gogarty, 2022; Lorenz, 2022; Montpetit, 2022). If this is the case, and queer people are battling for humanity and existence in schools, understanding teacher burnout from a queer perspective poses incredible challenges. Why would one want to be a teacher, especially a queer person, if we are so often the brunt of the attacks in this war to control society?



Bartone, M.D. (2023), "“Who Wants to Be a Teacher in the Face of These Anti-queer Laws?” Burnout Perspective From a Gay Educator", Singer, E.A., Etchells, M.J. and Craig, C.J. (Ed.) Drawn to the Flame (Advances in Research on Teaching, Vol. 45), Emerald Publishing Limited, Leeds, pp. 99-115.



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