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A Case of You, Norman

Arthur P. Bochner (University of South Florida, USA)

Festschrift in Honor of Norman K. Denzin

ISBN: 978-1-80382-842-8, eISBN: 978-1-80382-841-1

Publication date: 17 October 2022


In this story, I provide a personal history of Norman Denzin's profound influence on the development of interpretive qualitative inquiry, and on me, over the past 30 years. Norman saw the need to move qualitative inquiry from the field to the text to the reader in order to meet the needs of a new and broadening global generation of qualitative researchers, writers, and performance artists who did not want merely to describe the world but rather to interpret, critique, and change it. Through new journals, handbooks, and international/cross-disciplinary conferences, Norman provided the leadership and kindness that inspired the development of a new global community of qualitative researchers committed to social justice and to showing how to feel the sufferings of others.




My thanks to Carolyn Ellis, my editor/reader par excellence, and Mitch Allen, who is always there for patient counsel and historical accuracy. Title inspired by Joni Mitchell's song, “A Case of You.”


Bochner, A.P. (2022), "A Case of You, Norman", Chen, S.-L.S. (Ed.) Festschrift in Honor of Norman K. Denzin (Studies in Symbolic Interaction, Vol. 55), Emerald Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 55-64.



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