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Early Peru elections will face congressional pushback

Monday, August 5, 2019


Early elections next year.


President Martin Vizcarra’s decision to bring forward the date of the 2021 general elections by a year, subject to ratification by referendum, is a response to Congress’s failure to honour fully the terms of an agreement hammered out in June that promised the passage of political and electoral reforms. He stopped short of outright dissolution of Congress for fear of the negative political consequences. Peru now enters a tight schedule if a new president and Congress are to take office next July.


  • Vizcarra can count on supportive public opinion in dealing with a recalcitrant Congress.
  • The line-up for the next presidential race will involve a new generation of political contenders.
  • Early elections will not necessarily lead to any strengthening of Peru’s chronically weak party system.
  • A stormy political climate will not affect business confidence, at least in the short term.

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