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Cameron uses Paris terror to push for data panopticon

Friday, January 16, 2015


All commercial and individual operators in this field would be obliged by law to cooperate upon receipt of a warrant personally signed by the Home Secretary (interior minister). To its supporters, such a proposal is a pragmatic response to the advance of new technology which has left existing legislation increasingly irrelevant. To its opponents, the measure is little more than a sweeping 'snooper's charter' allowing the state to use the possibility of terrorism to conduct 'fishing expeditions' which constitute a substantial abuse of fundamental civil liberties.


  • If implemented, the proposed legislation would set an international precedent and complicate the activities of commercial operators.
  • It would only be legislated for in this form if Cameron and the Conservative Party secure or come close to an overall majority.
  • The Liberal Democrats, which maintain their opposition to a 'snooper's charter', face a wipe-out in the general election.

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