Maximus Gorky Sembiring (Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia. )
Yan Haryanto (Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia. )
Johanna BS. Pantow (Universitas Terbuka, Indonesia. )

Asian Association of Open Universities Journal

ISSN: 2414-6994

Article publication date: 1 September 2009

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Partnerships, public relations and institutional development at Universitas Terbuka UT (Indonesia Open University) are discussed in this paper. The discussion is aimed at elucidating the way of Universitas Terbuka pursuing its vision, i.e. to be one of center of excellence in distance higher education institutions in Asia by 2010 and the world by 2020. Short history, development and the future of higher education system in general are also described; specifically the development, role and contribution of distance higher education, run by Universitas Terbuka, in Indonesia. Partnerships are designed to be the way Universitas Terbuka improves its delivery and instructional processes. Public relations are aimed at constructing institutional image not only in the national level but also in regional and even in the global context. Institutional development is intended to be the systematic and comprehensive ways to adopt the turbulence as a result of rapid change internally and externally. Besides, historical development of Universitas Terbuka, which now has more than 482.000 active students registered at the four faculties, is also explicated in relations to the need of discussions of the importance of partnerships, public relations and institutional development. The discussion on partnerships will be more elaborated on how to empower the 37 regional centers, almost 3000 exam sites in 527 cities and more than 8000 study groups all over the country to initiate and maintain partnerships with local state and some selected private universities in the use of common resources. The argument on public relations will be developed on how the central and regional offices build the institutional image in association with maintaining current student body and pursuing larger prospective students. The discussion on institutional development will be expanded specifically on how to develop strategic and operational planning documents with respect to maintaining and assuring academic and administrative quality at Universitas Terbuka. The paper finally explains where partnerships, public relations and institutional development aspects are positioned in the strategic and operational planning of Universitas Terbuka within its three main focuses, i.e. the improvement of academic quality, the expansion of students participation and service points, and the enhancement of internal management comprehensively.



Sembiring, M.G., Haryanto, Y. and Pantow, J.B. (2009), "UNIVERSITAS TERBUKA TOWARDS THE CENTER OF EXCELLENCE: VIEWED FROM PARTNERSHIPS, PUBLIC RELATIONS AND INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT PERSPECTIVES", Asian Association of Open Universities Journal, Vol. 4 No. 2, pp. 97-105. https://doi.org/10.1108/AAOUJ-04-02-2009-B004



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